Referral links - RFC

Would it be a good idea to have a wiki or similar to put our referrals to companies we recommend?

I just used Adam’s referral link for bulb and tacked mine onto the end of the thread - I’m delighted to be able to benefit one of our community whilst getting what appears to be a good deal from the switch too.

Would keeping all referral codes in one area be better? How would we ensure it isn’t spammed? How do Monzo feel about it?

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That’s a good point. I’ve had a couple of referrals in the Huel thread. Whilst I’ve benefitted, I also don’t wait to see a glut of referral threads.

Maybe change such threads to have a Wiki at the start where people can add their referral links? Pot luck as to which one someone clicks.


That’s an interesting idea - or keep all referrals to a given company in one section in a master wiki? Then people can see who’s had the most or least referrals by the click counter (this may be a poor indicator though unless we ask that people don’t click on the link unless they plan to use the referral).

It’s a tricky one to balance/manage. I’m always happy to use someone’s referral link but there’s some who I would bet don’t like the idea of referrals on the forum


Well if you’re in here then you’re already using :monzo: (probably) so why not share other good things?

I would never have heard about Tail/Moneybox/Starling if it wasn’t for you guys :slight_smile:

Ps And Trello & ClearScore too!

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I saw a really good idea on reddit for referrals - you put both the referral link and the non referral link in your post so people can choose - like this

I really like my tile (ref | nonref)

What do you think?


Looks good to me. Gives people the choice.

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I think also make it clear that it is a referral link.

There has been a thread recently where some text was hyperlinked with a referral link, without disclosing that it was such and user x got ££ if people bought stuff (and then continued to deny it had any financial incentive for them!). Which is devious in my book.

Just want people to be clear: “this is a referral link, I get X, you get Y” :slight_smile: (Like Monzo will be :stuck_out_tongue: )

Bumping this thread so people don’t share referral link all over the place;

Here is my referral link if you want to switch energy supplier to Bulb. Click This - You will get £100 for joining and I will another £100 for referring :slight_smile:

Mines prettier :wink:


I think bulb are doing £100 referrals this weekend anyone got a code? Would rather someone on here than a random website. Thanks

Please use mine :slightly_smiling_face:

Also anyone with them care to share their thoughts on the switch. Good/bad/indifferent?

Here’s mine (used once):

It was really easy took 21 days and they also pay exit fee if you are in a contract. Check their community really helpful people there like Monzo. Best thing is there is only one tariff everyone is on that and they are green energy supplier.

Let me know if you want to know anything specific

Four months with Bulb. £500 in credit. Monthly payments down to £22 a month. It’s a no-brainer:

Here’s a referral code:

Brill. Will give them a go. What’s to lose? Thanks for the feedback. I’ll use your link Ali as you were first to respond , sorry Everyone else.


You won’t regret it. Using the £100 referral alone will probably work out cheaper over a year than any other tariff. Any credit you make by offering up your referral code to others will be a bonus. Every month you’ll have the opportunity to decrease your reoccurring payments so long as you have a healthy credit balance :grin:

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Going to give it a go, taken this referal as the next one (don’t think I’ve missed anyone out!) thanks :slight_smile:

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