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Now I’m signed up I’ll leave mine here if it ends up going down the post :grinning:

Money: Bulb has a standing charge almost double that of Iresa, at 25p/d. Sure, Iresa has infamously crap support, and some here are attesting to Bulb’s being great, but bear in mind you’re paying nearly £5pcm for it. (Worth it to some, and not to others, of course.)

(The unit charge is slightly more too, 11.75p/KWh vs. 11p/KWh.)

Thanks for the feedback. Cheaper than what I’m on now. As there is no exit fee I’ll give it a couple of months and if not happy will jump ship

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Same here, my referal code back if anyone else fancies it :slight_smile:

Now I just need to change Mortgage. Any decent 5 year deals out there at 60% LTV. Do banks do cash back on Mortgage referrals for non brokers? :joy:

Seeing as it’s all about the money… I’m paying a decreasing monthly payment (currently £22) and have an increasing credit balance (currently £497). I’ll switch when the referral credit dries up; meantime it’s make hay while the sun shines :grin:


I’ll mark mine as used. If everyone does that then everyone will have a chance for someone to use their link. That seem fair to everyone?


Yeah. Seems fair. Spread the wealth

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If anyone is after international transfers, pensions or cheap international calls here is a few of mine…

Transferwise -

PensionBee -

LocalPhone -

I first learnt of Blub via the storm in a teacup of Monzo placing something into the transaction feed on the current account.

I thought I’d take a look for myself as I was not on the current account back then.

What I like about Bulb is that it is simple, easy to understand and straightforward with just one tariff. Also, it’s 100% green energy.

The whole energy market seems to be a sham with false competition. I’ve spent the last few years with First UtilitY (Futility). When I joined them, I went on to their best deal that beat SSE hands down. Two years in and they tell me I’d be £200 better off switching to another tariff. But the price creeps up over time and again they offer a new tariff to stay with them …but they lock you in. And by the time you’ve finished that contract it will be cheaper to switch to another tariff again.

I mean, WTF? These traditional energy companies have hundreds of different tariffs that are simply designed to confuse you.

My father switched to Bulb. He was sceptical. I switched shortly after. We both found the switching process extremely easy.

The Bulb process is very well designed and it is easy to sign up. They keep you fully informed of the switch and it has been a completely pain free experience.

If there was no referral bonus, I’d be raving about Bulb. They’re a breath of fresh air compared to the legacy energy companies.

It just so happens that there is a referral bonus. You’ll need to sign up before the 20th to get the £100, (£50 after that)

I really do recommend Blub and I hope that you’ll use my link to get yourself cheaper energy over the year and £100 credit on your account:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s 100% renewable electricity and 10% biomethane:

Yep, thanks Bob :+1:

I just went with what it said on their website.


Hi! Where does Iresa source its energy from? My understanding is that people are looking for energy which is 100% renewable; so from solar or wind generators. I can’t see on Iresa’s website where their energy generation is from. Do you know if they burn fossil fuels?

Like every other provider, it comes from the National Grid, which is provided by a mixture of sources.

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Thanks for that, however it doesn’t answer my question. Ecotricity and Bulb both only have agreements with generators who produce 100% renewable energy. I pay Ecotricity, who pass on the money to solar and wind farms. I want to know if Iresa pass on customer’s funds directly to fossil fuel powered plants.
I can’t find any information on their website. If they only use eco-friendly suppliers, they would say so!

I’ve been with Bulb since October and very happy so far. Dead easy switching process (21 days) and 3 months down the line they’re still cheaper for me than anyone else, coming in just under the best current Eon fix based on my usage.

For anyone that’s interested, as a way of reducing my energy costs, I thought I’d set up a website offering half my referral income to anyone using my link, so they’d get £50 from Bulb plus an extra £25 from me, therefore £75 all up. I hope maybe of interest to some of you thinking of switching to Bulb:

Bulb Referral Link

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Another contributor set up this wiki to make referral links fair for all.

There are instructions at the top of the wiki.

I think it would work better if everyone played by the same rules rather than posting further links as new posts.


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Just throwing my link in the pot :slight_smile:

Love you lots if you would like to use my link! :slight_smile:

Thank you to someone further up the thread.

Here’s mine.

David has given you £50 of FREE renewable energy. To claim your free gift, sign up using this link: