Recurring Payments

(Hugh) #45

Just along this line, not sure how easy it would be to intergrate Account Number/Sort Code with existing phone contacts? Whether that’s a process of importing or adding custom fields via the API it sure would be useful that (ultimately) I could search through my contacts on my phone in Monzo and see who has Monzo to Monzo and who has FPS/BACS accounts and choose which to send with etc.


(Alex Sherwood) #46

So next Monday is a bank holiday :tada:

I’ve just checked with @daniel.cannon & Bacs won’t process payments on Monday, as it’s not a “business day”. That means that Direct Debits will be taken on Tuesday instead.


(Matthew Dickinson) #47

HSBC list direct debits as pending the day before they are processed. It would be useful for Monzo to have this functionality.

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I have PayPal recurring payments for subscriptions and cloud drives. Just got PayPal message saying a payment was taken from my Monzo CA but there is no update on Monzo bank app, all the recurring payments set-up with debit cards could be shown along with DDs and SOs and I hope once we are out of preview there could be a better solution to deal with pending transaction because I know this PayPal payment is pending now but Monzo CA app doesn’t give me this info.


(Oliver Ford) #49

I’m sorry to bring this up again, since it has been asked up-thread, but you did say:


I agree it’s sad that this doesn’t happen currently. Are there any plans to cheer everyone up? Better insight into expected payments, plus bills, transport, and groceries categories is one of the key attractions of Monzo IMO.


(Alex Sherwood) #50

Something like this then? :wink:


(Oliver Ford) #51

Oh, thanks, I had seen that but hadn’t noticed the small ‘2 direct debits and 3 subscriptions’. That’s the sort of thing I was hoping for - but note that mock-up came several months before @liamn said flatly ‘We don’t show these’ in this thread. :confused:


(Stuart Tarn) #52

There’s a few topics on this but I’m getting tied up in a world of confusion!
My legacy account is with NatWest, but I’ve transferred a load of direct debits and regular payments (from saved card details) over to my Monzo CA.
I’ve a Standing Order set up with NatWest due to transfer on 01st Oct (Sunday) into Monzo to cover these, and the regular payments all due out on 01st, too.

Am I right in thinking, the payments will come out (mostly) of Monzo today or tomorrow, but the NatWest SO will not appear until Monday?

Basically, do I need to dump some more money in Monzo to cover them, and make sure they don’t fail?!

Thanks guys!



I think you should ask this via in-app Chat - Do share the response though.

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(Jason) #54

Definitely ask.

To my experience everything is processed at 3am. In and out. Not sure how it works on weekends but during the week; the outgoing payments will decline if there isn’t enough in there.

That’s what happened to me when i was moving over. They also don’t get retried later that day as another post on here supposes. I think they’ll sit unpaid until the companies in question try the dd again up to a week later in some cases.

I could be wrong but i would transfer enough to cover all outgoings today. And then set up your ingoing one day ahead of outgoings. That’s what i did. The beauty is though that every other bank i know would have hit me with an unpaid dd fee. Not Monzo!


(Alex Sherwood) #55

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the information about recurring payments in one place & make it easier for other users to find, I hope that’s ok!

I don’t think this has been answered here yet :pensive: though so it would be great to hear what the support team says :raised_hands:

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(Stuart Tarn) #56

The question has been asked!

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(Caspar) #57

I have a feeling someone from Monzo replied to a thread saying if you message them and ask them to process the payment again later the same day after paying money in, they’ll do it. I may be totally misremembering though…


(Stuart Tarn) #58

The response was that DIrect Debits only run in the morning, and on weekdays, so as they didn’t come out today, they’ll come out on Monday. They also suggested the standing order should be for the day prior to the Direct Debits, to avoid them being declined.

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(Jason) #59

Yes you’re right :slight_smile:


(Oliver Ford) #60

I don’t know if this has been posted before, but it’d be awesome to be able to enter SO/BGC in, so the recurring payments section could show expected ingress from other bank accounts, or regular salary payments, etc. - even better if it were learned, but honestly for the vast majority it’d probably be 1-3 monthly amounts, easy to enter manually.


(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #61

I asked this to question in the in-app chat and they said they don’t have the resources to retry direct debits which are declined due to insufficient funds.

That’s disappointing, as most other legacy banks allow you to pay in money to cover the payment by a certain time (usually around 2-3pm on the same day) before it is declined.

Hopefully this is something that could be improved/automated in future…


Direct Debit - Please add funds to avoid failure
(Jason) #62

I’m not sure it quite works like that with legacy banks.

The majority will most of the time honour the dd even if it puts you overdrawn. You then have until either 3pm or 4pm (depending on the bank) later that day to deposit money. This will then be banked on the same day taking you back out of your overdraft and avoiding fees.

If the dd is declined by the bank then you usually get hit with a fee regardless if you put more money in.

At least this is how i understand it


(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #63

Then when overdrafts are available that becomes an issue.

Still, I actually find that approach preferable, if the DD is declined you may end up being charged by the organisation you’re paying anyway, on top of the potential impact to your credit report, depending on whether they report it.


(Jason) #64

I’ve completed my test today and it’s as follows:

In instances of having near zero balance (insufficient to cover outgoing direct debits) and having simultaneous incoming (bacs) and outgoing (dd) scheduled transactions on the same date, where the incoming is sufficent to cover the outgoing:

My legacy bank CA (no authorised overdraft):
Lists incoming first
Pays outgoing dd
Life goes on

Monzo CA (no authorised overdraft):
Lists outgoing first
Declines dd
Payment is past due

In conclusion, even though legacy bank states that you should always have sufficient funds in your account the previous banking day to cover any payments, this legacy bank still pays, whereas with Monzo you actually do need to have the funds in beforehand.

Hopefully though, everyone will be able to ensure they have a better handle on their finances due to Monzo’s instant notification live balance system.