Spotify Payments

Hi Guys,

Is there any way to automate Spotify payments so that it moves money into my main account on the day the payment is due.

Similar to how bills pots work but due to Spotify not being a direct debit or standing order there is no way i can think of automating this.

Any tips would be great.


Could you set up a recurring payment out of your pot for the amount that Spotify is each month?

You’d just need to manually set it up once.

How would I do this?

Go as if you were to withdraw money from the pot as usual - you should see a scheduled option at the bottom - you can select here how often it should repeat and if/when it should stop

You’re Brilliant! haha

I never knew that was a thing

No problem. Least it’s simple with Spotify as it’s going to be the same amount every month.

Yeah exactly. Makes it so simple now haha

This is what I do for my Monzo Plus payment too. Works well enough :+1:

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