Recommended pet insurance? 🐈 🐕

Ended up changing to Direct Line - doubled my cover & saving £5 a month on the premium which seems like a good deal for me, plus the excess is the same so if I have to claim or anything I won’t be forking out loads.


This is the case for me I don’t have insurance for Chester and probably never will considering he can’t go outside but it’d be nice for those unnecessary trips I take to the vets because he gets hayfever and I think it’s something else :flushed::sob:


So I went with Waggel and they’ve just finished their exclusion review.

Nothing unexpected, and honestly, I was expecting more. I can’t stress how relieving it is to know these ahead of time should I ever need to make a claim. Insurance has always created a sense of dread and anxiety for me, so for most things I’ve always taken the path of self insuring. But Waggel’s support has been incredible in welcoming me to their service and easing those anxieties, so I’ll be sticking with them for the time being.

Assuming all is well between now and next August I’ll probably look to move to AnyPets with how they treat pre-existing conditions. Assuming the criteria of what counts as pre-existing is similar, she’ll have none, so that’ll be extra reassuring for me. Unless of course, waggel improve how they define pre-existing conditions between now and then, but they’ve been saying they’re working on it for several years now and doesn’t seem like any progress has been made.

I wish someone like Waggel existed when she was a puppy; they’d have had me for life. Insurance is supposed to offer peace of mind, but it never did for me. £15000 set aside in savings did a much better job. Last august was the only incident in her life that would have been claimable and it came in less than £1k total, so the self insurance approach worked out pretty well for me.

Oh, Monzo don’t have their logo yet. Submitted it though. A bit surprised because they use Monzo in some of their marketing!

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Have been using Fluffy ( I think they are new to the market but the price is very competitive and they paid out my £3k vet bill the other week. The team was incredibly supportive!

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Looks like Tractive will be soon be entering the pet insurtech space. They’ll be a particularly interesting one to watch.

Them and Pitpat appear to be trying to conquer the pet health and wellbeing market in Europe.