Life Insurance

I keep seeing loads of adverts on TV for life insurance more so for this Beagle Street one…

Been thinking a lot about getting a policy for a while now but no idea where to start or whats is needed etc.

Any good ones that don’t need medical etc, not that I am ill or anything just don’t fancy the blood tests.

We used beagle street when we got our mortgage. Very easy to apply for seemed to be the best price and options for us, all online no issues at all

Are you still with them?

I use beagle. It’s like £7 a month for my family and reduces each year in line with my mortgage. Hence the cheapness I guess :slight_smile:

Yeah we’ve got decreasing cover as that’s what suited us. Got couple of medical conditions but was all dealt with online no issues at all

Yeah, it’s worth shopping around to get the best price and the best cover depending on your circumstances.

I have Funeral Benefit through Royal London

Are there no insurtech companies? Had a google but seems a very quiet sector in the U.K.

I keep hearing that insurtech is coming :soon: soon

I’m not sure what that actually means in practice, though. :man_shrugging:

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I think the closest I’ve seen is Wrisk, although I don’t think they offer life insurance (yet?).


I’ve just taken out a policy with Beagle Street also. Really easy application process and one of the cheapest premiums I came across. Applying for the policy via topcashback has also bagged me £120. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought the TV said £7? This is not £7 lol


They usually do have some good deals with TCB I think i was the same, they were one of the cheapest and also had cash back :raised_hands:t2:

There will be one person on the planet eligible for £7, thus making the advert true :stuck_out_tongue:

From website: *Under £7/mth. For 32 year-old non-smoker. £200k decreasing term cover for 20 years. Prices June 2018.


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I don’t have a mortgage though so why would I need a decreasing one?

I’m with beagle street over 2 years now, I’m signed up to top cash back and you get cash back when you sign up with beagle street I got £200 cash back, there’s other insurance you can go through as well to get cashback but since beagle street was given the most I went with them plus they offer free will service

I’m not saying you would I’m just saying that’s where the £7 comes from

Nah I meant do I need it or is level fine?

What are your thoughts on income protection insurance? As opposed to Life Insurance or in conjunction with it? Is it worth taking it out at all and who might be the best provider?