Recommendations for learning coding

I wouldn’t mind learning computer languages and wondered if any one can recommend a good place to try for yourself.

SoloLearn. They have app and web versions and the free version is very good. I’ve tried codecademy before and it just didn’t work for me but I’m using SoloLearn and I actually understand it

What language are you thinking of?

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Not sure where to start just something I would like to try in my spare time

I use Codecadamy and find it really good.

If you’re unsure where to start they can also help with that and create a learning path for you :slight_smile:

I keep meaning to do the same but haven’t got round to it yet!

Udacity are currently offering 30 days free…

I’ve had Sololearn on my phone for about 2 years and not done anything with it. Same with Duolingo :expressionless:

Had no excuses recently either, just don’t have the self discipline/motivation to get on with it

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SoloLearn do similar

I like their forum as well. When I’m totally confused there’s always someone who has explained it step by step

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Sounds similar to Codecadamy as they also have a forum. Their app is good too as it’s like refresher “cue cards” and quizzes to help keep you going in between sessions.

I assume both have a free trial so it would come down to personal preference after giving each a go :slight_smile:

Before you look into learning programming I suggest you ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you have a specific problem you’d like to solve using code?

Depending on what problem you have, certain languages/technologies might be more appropriate than others.

In my opinion, trying to learn programming without a clear objective is the easiest way to get overwhelmed and bored.


Yeah for example if your end goal is websites then look at html, php and languages like that.

Otherwise id recommend an object oriented programming language like java, c#, python etc.

I am going to have a look at sololearn thanks @Rat_au_van

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Hi ,

Also have a look at

It’s more of a guided path , and it’s certifications are somewhat recognised.

Its also free.


Best way to learn is to have a very clear idea of something you want to achieve. It does not have to be flashy or large, but it will set the “requirements” nicely

I self taught myself C# as I had a tool I wanted to write, so knew the ins and outs of what I wanted to achieve, but not how

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