Pluralsight - Any Good?

They are offering all of their courses free during April.

I’m thinking of taking up a course with all the extra free time I have at the moment, with the potential of maybe turn it into a career in the future.

Any recommendations on where to start? I have little to no programming skills.

Cheers :+1:

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It’s a really great site.

Programming isn’t my thing but i would recommend starting with some html, also have a look at

Their blog has great stuff , such as

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It’s brilliant. I’m a software engineer and work give us a subscription to allow us to watch whatever we want. Very handy and goes right from basics up to advanced concepts and deep dives into new stuff too :slight_smile:


Anyone have any recommendations for .net core - there are quite a few on pluralsight

This is a good starting point
“Building Cross-platform Applications with .NET Core”

Is this like Udemy?

It’s kinda similar to udemy, except all the courses are pluralsight productions and tend to be a bit higher quality on average. Variety is lower than Udemy, though. Also, is a subscription instead of paying per-course.

To OP’s question: I like pluralsight a lot, although as a security engineer there’s relatively less there for me than for a developer.

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