Recommend me a *modern* credit card

Definitely Amex.

  1. Their app is pretty slick.
  2. You can get Apple Pay notifications for each transaction (even if you use the physical card)
  3. Web chat is just as good as Monzo’s in-app customer service in my opinion, always helpful and never any issues.
  4. Good rewards no matter what card you go with!

If you use Curve, Amex isn’t supported.

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Ive never had an Amex, always assumed I wouldn’t be eligible but might check them out!

Edit: that was fast!



Same here I was surprised. A few times when I go somewhere and use it I’ve had comments like
“oh I wish I had the money to be eligible for one of those”.

They really aren’t that elite

No they really aren’t! Kinda disappointed!


So for international I am kinda at a coin toss between RBS (my current legacy account) whose app isnt actually too bad now or Tandem. Tandem has higher interest but it does have the 0.5% cashback over RBS which doesnt.
Amex looks good as well although I currently dont need a daily spend card so much right now but thanks for all the comments about its all etc, its great to see someone finally bringing their mobiles app up to scratch.

I have and Amex BA card from which I can get easily a BA voucher per year. I use it only when shopping in the UK, as the fees are a bit high when you shop abroad.

If you go abroad regularly I would recommend you the Santander Zero Credit Card that gives you 0% fees when shopping abroad.


American Express Rewards Credit Card. Free. Beautiful design. ALL purchases push notify in Google Pay/Apple Pay. Best rewards in the industry. Good customer service (used to be excellent but not so much now).


This happens from time to time with Amex



@l33t If you follow new community threads you may have already noticed it - but in case not - there is a modern looking credit card planned for launch on over the next few months called JaJa. Not available yet but it might be just what you are after so worth keeping an eye on it.

Discussion thread here

You can also find referrals on the referrals wiki to enable you to gain you some cashback and move the referrer up the waiting list.


Just going to chime in with the crowd here. Amex is unmatched. The app is great, instant notifications, Android and Apple Pay compatible. Surprisingly high credit limit (not sure if that’s good or bad for you) and a cool card design.

I tend to put all spending i can on the Amex and then add that value in Monzo to an ‘Amex’ pot so I can pay it all off at the end of the month.

I did have a look around and for the rewards you can get Amex is king. I’m planning on heading over to florida next year and will be saving my points to convert to Virgin or BA Air miles to either pay for the flight or to pay for a seating upgrade.

None of the new modern credit cards offer such good rewards that make a credit card worth it.


Besides Amex what I would recommend is any legacy credit card with a card like Curve (referral link if you feel generous) for instant notifications. As far as the credit card itself is concerned I can recommend Capital One, it’s still legacy but probably the best one out there, their mobile app isn’t too bad and their new web interface is excellent (with a proper password instead of BS PINs or “security” questions).

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Fea sounds really interesting on Crowdcube. No apr, no fees just pay £2 for every £100 on your balance left at the end of the month - no charges if it’s cleared.

Not launched yet, but sounds promising.


I wouldn’t use Curve with a credit card cos it removes Section 75 protection. They also charge forex fees, which decent credit cards dont.


Had the same feeling about this and I got accepted for the cash back one

Yeah. I only use a credit card with Curve under £100. I tend to dig out my credit card itself when buying over £100.

I don’t really know how Section 75 works and didn’t know that about Curve. Can you explain a little more about why the protection is lost?

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Section 75 is a consumer protection clause for credit card purchases. They used to need to be over £100 - not sure if that still applies. This means that if you get ripped off, and either can’t resolve it with the merchant or they don’t communicate, you can claim from the card. Curve is not a credit card - it’s just a layer of technology, but because it sits between you and the card, your contract for each transaction is with Curve, not the card, and so S75 doesn’t apply.


The product or service needs to cost between £100 – £30,000 but you don’t need to spend the whole amount on the card. As long as you pay, say, at least £1 on your credit card you’re covered (ie. pay the deposit for a holiday OK your card)

The protection won’t apply if you use your card with PayPal because, like Curve, that’s a layer of technology which gets itself between you and your card provider.


Curve would say in response to that:

However, Curve users are protected by Mastercard® chargeback rights, where refunds may be provided if goods are damaged, not as described, or the merchant has ceased trading.