Tandem launches a credit card that offers cashback

Does anyone have experience with them regarding how good they are? Is the tech stack modern, or is it essentially a legacy stack, ie putting lipstick on a pig?


I applied for a card and it was delivered end of last week no issues. Still had to call a number to activate!! No idea on the stack but given I had to call probably legacy. I only got it due to the mastercard ex rate and if I used Monzo/Starling in restaurants(New York) the pre-auth amounts would probably have “used” all my cash, so I think safer with a Credit Card.

Sorry, what do you mean by this? I used Monzo recently in NY and didn’t have any problems using my card, except for the Metro machines.

It’s just a pig. There’s no lipstick.

Had the account about a month. They gave me a large credit limit with a decent APR so I am using it, but having seen what else is around the UX is just awful.

To start with - they will send you an agreement in the post for you to sign and post back. Then a week or two later you’ll get a pin followed by a card. You then have to phone them to activate the card. It seemed like I was the first ever customer as the customer service person sounded like they’ve never activated a card before.

Once that ordeal is out of the way you can get to spending. They give you cash back at the end of the month, although I was aiming to move a small balance from higher rate borrowing onto the card. They don’t do balance transfers so I made a couple of withdrawals to deposit elsewhere. The card stopped letting me withdraw by the 3rd withdrawal and when I asked about my limits on the in app chat (same platform Monzo uses) they wrote back saying call the call centre.

I then - to my horror - received a paper statement in the post. I in app messaged to say that I don’t want paper statements for environmental and security reasons. They said they have to send them as it is a legal requirement. I sent them a link showing that it is not a legal requirement if I opt to not receive them and they basically told me if I don’t like it then I’m free to leave. It feels like they are the anti-monzo in their approach to service (like Revolut).

If anyone remembers that promo video they made years ago (http://metro.co.uk/2016/04/04/watch-what-happens-if-your-pub-behaved-like-your-bank-5794088/) - they are exactly what they set out to destroy - a pen pushing legacy organisation, not a fintech.

If they weren’t offering me credit at a lower rate than I have elsewhere I would cut the card up as they are clearly a half baked bank. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for a great fintech experience.


I got the card and intend to cancel after my first DD is taken. Terrible user experience to be honest.

0.5% cashback isn’t worth it LOL.


Amex all the way for cashback :smiley: it’s now accepted in Aldi if you shop there and weren’t aware.


Aldi was the only shop I frequently went to that didn’t accept Amex so I’m really happy to see this change. I might have to consider switching back to using Amex as my main spending card now but I still do prefer the Monzo UI

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I had read on Monzo and starling about restaurants in NYC where they would preauthorise your order, say $100 then I decide I pay the tip on the card too so they preauthorise $120 in addition to the $100

I didn’t get this when I signed up a couple of weeks ago - it was all online. Still had to call to activate though.

As I’ve said on the Tandem Feedback thread, the service is terrible. I won’t repeat it all here, but you should take a look if you’re considering this card.


I looked couldn’t see anything major? From you specifically unwanted text msgs taking 2 folk to resolve?

Ah sorry - there was also a bit in the N26 thread about spending more than the cashback in phone calls when they kept stopping my card without communicating. I was in Vegas at the time, so had to wait until midnight (8am UK) to call them each time. They also don’t work weekends, but I see they do now have in-app chat, which would have saved me £20 :rage: Ah they also only do PIN reminders by post - kinda useless if you’re away (which is the only time I’d ever use Tandem)


Applied for a Tandem card because of the Cash back facility and because another card I earlier applied for only gave me a limit if £1200 and that cannot be reviewed for 6 months! I found the Tandem process very quick, efficient and a much better limit. The only complaint I have is that my new card arrived on a Saturday and the activation facility is only available Monday to Friday! Most other cards I have used have an automatic activation facility so hopefully Tandem will improve before too long.

the activation facility is only available Monday to Friday

Smells like legacy rust!


They recently announced 100,000 customers.

How do I contact the fintech user number police? No way in hell 100k people are using this thing. They are closed for most of the week, they insist on paper statements and the app stops working routinely (not a glitch, it works for 2 weeks then you call them to reactivate for 2 more weeks - what is that?). When I activated it in the afternoon the person on the other end sounded like they had just woken up.

I asked them on social if that includes Harrods and Pariti “users” but they never replied. The numbers feel fictional like the bulk of Ricky’s novel there.

It’s not the first time they’ve described themselves as the leading challenger bank. He is either delirious or a bare faced liar. They’re a credit card that is about 10% as good as a Vanquis card but will never make any money. They are not challenging anything but a tiny number of users’ patience.

I look forward to hundreds of replies arguing against this view from their 100,000 users. :sweat_smile:

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Oh yeah and I am a “co-founder” of this bank because i clicked a link in 2016! I never even received my 1 share. Did anyone else, or have Tandem conveniently forgotten about it?

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Mine has sat in my wallet since I got it. Not even activated it.

Going to close it I think. I prefer my Clarity Card. It’s been good to me.

With MBNA giving me their Horizon card, I can’t see any point in keeping the Tandem card.

LOL. Your post is spot on.

The only reason I keep the card is the instant 0.5% cashback. As soon a a viable alternative is available that emma can track, I’m out.