Idea - Remind me to add a receipt for expenses

(Sam Getliffe) #1

I love the ability to upload pictures of receipts to transactions in Monzo - it makes it amazingly easy to file expenses at the end of the month knowing that if questions ever get asked you have all the receipts to prove it, all safely backed up with Monzo.

The only problem is that the person uploading those receipts cough cough, me, cough cough is a bit forgetful and doesn’t always take photos of the receipts and it’s a real pain at the end of the month trying to hunt them down and see whether they’ve been binned, lost etc.

What would be great is if as soon as a transaction is flagged as expenses within Monzo reminds me in some way to take a photo of the receipt. I guess there are a couple of ways this could work, maybe an icon by the side of a transaction marked as expenses to indicate that a photo hasn’t been assigned to it? Or even just an opt-in feature where Monzo could notify a user after a few days if it’s noticed an expenses transaction that has no photo assigned? Basically, expenses flagging and photo uploads for receipts are both a great features - but they both only work together if the human at the end of it given a prompt!