Recent amounts in pay/transfer screen

Hypothetical situation: I have a bills pot. I transfer funds out of the bills pot and into the current account, and I then pay the bill using bank transfer. When going through the bank transfer process and upon arriving at the “amount” screen, I need to type in the amount manually. This is fine.

What would be really useful is if, say, underneath the manual input, there were a few options of the most recent transfer amounts that I could select from. Specifically, it could be any transfers, income, even recent outgoing amounts.

This could apply to any pay/transfer transaction - say you have been paid by a housemate for a particular bill and you need to transfer that amount into your bills pot (the bill is automatically paid from this pot). Currently you go through the process of adding funds and typing in the amount. How nice would it be if the recent income (you being paid by your housemate) was one of the options below the manual input?