IBAN used in an International Transfer not shown on Monzo

When you make an International Transfer, on details, you can check Provider, Reference, Status, Exchange Rate, etc. But not the IBAN I used. Why cannot you show the IBAN of the account on the details of the transaction?

Currently IBANs and international transfer are not supported directly through Monzo, so I assume you mean pulling 3rd party app data into Monzo?

I would like to see here the IBAN number of the account receiving the money.

If you log into Transferwise (use forgot your password with the email address connected to Monzo) and you’ll be able to see an IBAN in that account.

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I can’t think of any reason why it’s not there. But international transfers are a much neglected area for Monzo.

In my experience, it’s always better to use Transferwise directly.


There is shown BIC number .You can make it by yourself >>> BIC + sort code + account number https://bank.codes/swift-code/united-kingdom/monzgb2l/

In making up you own Iban there is no Guarantee you money will arrive as it’s a payment through intermediate banks and not direct to Monzo as they are directly connected to the system. If the money does not arrive it’s very hard to track an it could just be returned to the sender, would you risk it ?

You could say this for several areas.

We get the spiel regularly on here that things like international transfers or cheque imaging, or payments in via Post Office are not high priority for Monzo, ostensibly because alternative ways exist (e.g. Transferwise, posting of cheques/paying into legacy banks, and Paypoint, for the above examples). But Monzo’s competition do all of this stuff already. And these are not fancy things, they are core banking services.

I hope Monzo Business will be a big wake-up call to Monzo as to how neccessary some of these core services are, and that you’re not a competitive proposition (in personal and business spheres) without them.

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That’s the other line that everyone says when they’re trying to make a case for something :sweat_smile:

I don’t need international transfers. For me I hope Monzo don’t blindly copy “the norm” and they focus on innovative features instead :slight_smile:


The exact kind of thing I refer to.

Maybe you don’t, and that’s fine.

For many others, the things I mentioned are necessary services.

Fundamentally, Monzo could afford to be so relaxed about this because a higher proprtion of their customers do have another bank account (relative to the legacy banks, where someone might have e.g. a Lloyds account and nothing else), so they don’t feel the damage from their uncompetitive business decisions.

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Yes, I was going to add the much ignored “for some people” to the line you quoted but you got there first.

It’s all opinion and everyone has their own agenda. One thing Monzo have demonstrated (most of the time) is their ability not to be dictated to by us in terms of priority expectations.


I do.