Receiving international payments with Monzo

This. I contract for a company based in Ljubljana. At the moment I hold a HSBC EUR account which they pay into every month, I then use a free inter HSBC transfer transfer to take those EUR into GBP, and then I send that to Monzo. HSBC don’t charge for transfers between your own accounts, but the exchange rate can be a bit naff.

HSBC does charge for transfers between currency accounts but the fees are “hidden” in the rates. I use TransferWise to convert from HSBC EUR to HSBC GBP, it’s slower but I usually get a better rate.

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My invoices are in sterlin.
I don’t need business account working as a sole trader.

Yeah but also the land with the highest prices :wink: Especially if you’re craving food.

Haha true! I’m just looking for a new flat in Soho and man?! I just heard my bank account getting crushed :scream: :scream: :scream:

We’ve shared an update on receiving international payments here:


Transferwise works better on bunq account cause they show all account details saved to be used in the foreign currency but when you use transferwise on monzo you must type in details every time which isn’t as easy

Hi there. Big deal for me, what’s the ETA (informed guesstimate is better than nothing, but if guesstimate, please qualify as such) of being able to receive / send money abroad, in particular from EU via SEPA/IBAN

I cannot give you either but it is a problem for me also, the lack of IBAN and the inability to specify the exact amount to be sent in the foreign currency are two of the main reasons I have now moved to Starling which offers both of these facilities


Latest status is:


Tweeted this at the Monzo account yesterday… thought I’d just add a bit of noise here as well.

I’m really keen to make the full switch to Monzo, but I’m currently unable to because my employer – like other large corporates – requires an IBAN for their payroll system.

I’d love to start using Monzo as my central banking hub, but this limitation means I can’t start the switching processing. As a result I’ve just downloaded and started exploring what Starling offer as their accounts have IBANs.

Transferwise isn’t an option because on principle I don’t like the idea of having to pay an additional 65p each month just to receive my salary (the Transferwise fee for sending GBP to Monzo).

Appreciate there’s lots of complexity behind this, but would love to see this feature get some traction.


I’d look at opening a Revolut account (which is free), at least until Monzo’s international payment routing mechanism is fully in place.

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Hi, I wanted to ask cause I’m not sure and I’m quite new to Monzo - I work in UK and my salary goes on my Monzo account (in £ ofc), the transfer is automatic. In couple of weeks I’m going abroad for holiday and my next payment day is gonna be when I’m already abroad (in Poland to be specific). Is it gonna be any problem to get my salary because I’m gonna be abroad in that moment? Cheers!

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That won’t be a problem at all. Your salary will still be paid into your UK Monzo account, you could be anywhere in the world :grin:

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Thank you :):blush:

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For what it’s worth: I opened a Starling account in the end for receiving my salary. (There’s a few reasons I wouldn’t go with Revolut but the main one is lack of FSCS protection).

Hopefully Monzo will get up to parity with Starling et al on international payments via SWIFT/SEPA soon.

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Seems to have gone very quiet on the receiving international payment front…

Is anyone still working on this?

Is there an update that can be shared (assuming I haven’t missed one)? Even if there isn’t any progress would be good to know if this is still on the radar or not?


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Any update on this? Been waiting more than one year. Perhaps, time to start moving to Revolut.