Receiving funds from Roblox

Hello, I’m a game developer who creates games for Roblox. I recently just joined Monzo after i had a incident at Drummonds and felt like a change.

The personal & business account is fully activated and I was wondering how to find my IBAN & BIC so i can receiving my earnings. Additionally will it support receiving large regular payments as occasionally this can be 5 or close too digits a week as I had private banking though Barclays for this but since it was always international it was frowned upon by them.


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Type “adding money from outside the uk” into the help search tab.

Monzo can accept Euros for a 1% fee and recommend using Wise for other currencies.


I’d expect this with any bank.


I’m wondering what made you choose Monzo given they aren’t suited to overseas transactions as other banks.
I use a euro starling account fine. Would this not be better or Revoult provide less friction.

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I automatically assumed it would be suitable, Strangle it can be random currencies but mostly US Dollars or Euros - I never know which one until it hits my account as frustratingly as it is they’re unable to give a constant fixed currency.

I do not have much trust in Revolut due to it not being protected, although most banks are only covered up to 85k the chance of them actually going under is rare/