Receipts and warranties


I find that the almost sole use for me of receipts are warranties.

I would love to see a feature that whiles uploading a receipt picture you can tell how long the warranty is for.

Do most places accept a picture of a receipt for a warranty, exchange or return? I suppose that for a return it might be an issue… no idea. :face_with_monocle:




This could be pretty cool for when we have the marketplace.

For example: say I purchased a TV from John Lewis using my Monzo Account. I could upload a receipt and tell the app when my warranty is due to expire. Then a few weeks before, maybe Monzo could suggest a third party who I could extend the warranty through for x amount? It would also be good to see the warranty information within the transaction too.

Not sure if they are third party warranty companies but! :wink::man_shrugging:t2:

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Cool idea!

I imagine this would work through receipts OCR

I think you just need proof of purchase. If the photo is legible, they should accept it. In theory a bank statement might be enough in some circumstances. It will depend on the attitude of the store or staff, I suppose