Receipt printout

For my business account, I’d love to have the ability to print out all photo receipts with just 1 button to cover a date period selected by me

As in: print all photo receipts between 1st April 2020 - 1st April 2021

Thoughts please?

Seems like as useful as this may be, and I’m cant really think off the top of my head what the need would be aside from HMRC insisting on paper printouts for auditing or something, if you put the facility there people will use it and in a world where we’re trying to get away with printing anything out unless we really need to, it’s possibly not smart to give people the option to do so easily. But I can definitely see that it could be useful for some people and situations.

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Maybe amalgamate to a pdf then you can email them as one file or print if you need to


Yeah, that’s a better idea, 1 button to gather them altogether and make a pdf booklet, reckon that would save me actual printing.