Upload Receipts 🧾

If anyone is like me and keeps their receipts for purchases the hard copies, I thought it would be a good idea for an option where we could upload our receipts to the app, that way we have all got them electronically in case you need to return items etc paper is so easy to lose so having it secured in our apps would be quite good. Anyone think it’s a good idea?

So I would say to upload receipt simply take a photo in app and it’s saved! Simple, hassle free and secure :closed_lock_with_key:

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Hi @Sczoo26

You’ll be pleased to hear this feature already exists!
Just tap on a transaction and you’ll see the option on the screen that pops up. :slight_smile:



Oh wow :open_mouth: now I feel a little silly lol! Great news thank you for telling me about this :clap:


No worries!

Clearly it’s still a good suggestion as it made its way into the app. Anything else feel free to let us all know! :grinning: