Real live yank feedback

Hello friends happy to be trying this

First point of feedback is you should probably change the language cause no Americans are gonna know what the hell top up means lol


Hey @Iluvdads welcome to Monzo! We did our best to get rid of all the references to “topping up” but sounds like we missed this one - we’ll get it fixed soon, thanks for pointing it out!

Let us know if you spot anything else that looks or sounds out of place!

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What would you suggest over Topping Up? I personally don’t mind it and it kind of makes sense. Like “Reload” or something?

I had no idea of this :smile: what do you say instead?

That does feel more American then topup!


Re-up (for all the ‘Wire’ fans!)



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“Balance” or “reload” would make more sense I think

“Reload” has that militaristic connotation…perhaps?

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Americans do love their guns. A little too much I’d say. Maybe just “Add Money”.

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