Re-categorising all expenses abroad as “holiday” does not work

Issue: When going abroad, Monzo gives you the option to recategorise all expenses as business or holiday. I selected holiday, however this feature is not working.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Go abroad
  2. Select to recategorise as holiday
  3. Spend money
  4. Notice how the expense APPEARS to be tagged as holiday, but at a deeper level, it remains tagged as the other predicted category e.g. eating out
    OS: latest iOS
    Device: iPhone 11
    App Version: latest

Note to Monzo – wow you guys have made it so hard to get in contact. Back in the early days it was so much easier to give feedback but it seems you keep people well beyond arm’s length now…


Is this just for the “you’ve spent £xx while away”? and it doesn’t change your lunch from eating out to holiday?

You can get in touch via the help section, search “contact” but this is a perfect example of why it’s “hidden” as you don’t need a coop and they won’t actually help you. This is the best place for feedback.

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Someone else has posted this with a bit more detail

And with a Monzo response…