Business 'Travel Mode'

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been suggested before!

I’m travelling on business at the moment and because 95% of the things I’ve paid for over the last few days are all business expenses which are getting reimbursed soon, I’ve been going through every purchase and removing them from my spending summary and tagging them as an expense.

So that I don’t have to do this (which is pretty tiresome after the 3rd or 4th day doing it), it would be great if we could have a ‘business travel’ mode in the app, so that when traveling I can enable it and basically tell the app to tag EVERYTHING as a business expense/removed from my summary, until I turn the mode off.

This would also solve the annoying side effect that I’m guessing I’ll also run into - When I next go to a restaurant of the same brand that I’ve visited this week, the app will automatically tag the payment as an expense (but not remove it from my spending summary) when the likelihood is I will be back to being a civilian then, so I’ll have another tiresome process of re-tagging everything back to it’s correct category.

Id imagine this is pretty low on the priority list, if it’s even a feature that Monzo would consider. I still figured it’d be worth a shot though!

I think this has been suggested before as well as a holiday toggle so that everything should get categorised as holidays (both international and national)

Would be good to see!