Auto categorise spend as holiday

I think it would be a great idea to auto categorise holiday spend without having to individually go in and do it.

I always like to see how much I’ve spent on holiday whether that is on food or activities.

The way I could see it implemented is once Monzo recognises a foreign transaction a pop up could appear to say

  1. “we’ve noticed you’re in X would you like to categorise all spends as holiday”

  2. Or if you have flights/holiday in your calendar Monzo could determine how long to categorise the holiday spend for.

  3. or less intrusive tap on a foreign transaction and there could be an option to mark all payments from this country or currency as holiday.

I’m no software engineer so no idea how difficult the above would be. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

EDIT: comments below tell me they have been able to categorise automatically as holiday payments before, but I’ve never had this screen or seen this option.

Does anyone have screen shots?
Was this an option and now no longer?
Is it only available to certain members?

That’s the way it used to work. As soon as you landed there’s be a notification with the exchange rate and the option to categorise all card spending as holiday. They seem to have removed it (for me, anyway). :man_shrugging:


Ah, I did not know that.

I wonder why they got rid of it :thinking:

Yeah you used go get a nice notification with exchange rates and other info. I haven’t received one in a while actually which is a shame. Does anyone know why this was removed? It was very useful!

EDIT: I just double checked. On my last trip to the US I didn’t get one on initially arriving, however when I crossed into Mexico a week later I got a “Welcome to Mexico” one, then when I crossed back to the US if to get “Welcome to the USA” one with a summary of my trip to Mexico and then summary of my last few days in the US when I arrived home. Very weird that the first leg of my trip in the US didn’t get this! Wonder what’s going on there.

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I got this when I was in the USA a few weeks ago (early June). Worked like a charm.

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The first transaction you make abroad should give you a welcome message with the option to categorise everything as holiday. It used to do it when you arrived in a new country but that was a bit unreliable. It might still do it, but it’s a bit hit and miss :frowning:

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I’ve been abroad several times this year and have never been asked. I do get a pop up telling me exchange rates etc but nothing else from that. Curious.

Perhaps it is more of a reliability issue than a feature that isn’t implemented.

Oh it use to (still does?) appear when you scroll down a bit on the screen with exchange rates.

What platforms are you all on? I’m sure it is a bit platform specific (or was). iOS used to give the option to categorise all as either Expenses or Holiday.

A toggle for the Holidays category might also be of interest to you.

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