Random cat

Just been outside to move a couple things as you do.

A cat bolted out the shed but came back 15 minutes later and returned back into the shed, Looked for kittens but the shes head to toe in random crap and boxes so couldn’t see too well.

Mrs was saying about week and a half ago that she heard meowing from the garage/shed and I laughed at her.

I don’t really know what to do, I’m not a cat person…do i just leave it alone?

If there’s nothing that can get damaged then I would leave for the time being.

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Time for a (careful) shed clear-cut and a tip trip.
Then you may find what’s behind why the cat likes your shed.

How is the cat getting into the shed?

The padlock broke when I did the 1st clear out to fill it back up again lol…never replaced it and mrs wont let me hear the end of it.

Hoping it’s not mice or the dreaded R word

Nah, shouldn’t be rabbits…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Kittens are the most likely answer, I would guess. Have a look in daylight, but if you find them leave them well alone. Does the cat have a collar? If so, let the owner know.

Those relatives sure can freeload.


Cleared out the shed and found nothing. Probably just wanted shelter

The least it could would be to offer to mow the lawn. Bloomin freeloader.

I know…pathetic

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I’ll get my coat…:flushed:

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The cat was lurking around this evening around the shed for some bizarre reason but its locked. Jesus what has my life turned into

a cat-astrophe?

(noted; you got a working :lock: to sort the shed issue and appease Mrs R :+1:)

Haha…you know the drill

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she could be due to have kittens