Howling Dogs. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Moved in not long ago.
However next door has a large dog which howles and barks all day long. It’s getting to the point that it’s doing my head in. It’s in a house just round the corner from me, in their back garden

Could I call the RSPCA or anything similar to try and get the owners to sort it out ?


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Report a noise nuisance to your council.



Thanks for that, looks just what I needed.

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Hmmmm did you post this image knowing that someone may get offended?

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OK, an unknowing poor attempt at humour it is then.

When I read this post, I thought that the dog is clearly being neglected. So unless you are suggesting the owners are at the end of your image, yeah, I found it offensive and flagged your post.

What’s funny to you is an extreme image of violence to me. Guns are not funny.



The dog is obviously trying everything and anything to get its owners attention because it is in need of something. Food, warmth, water or just some attention if it has been locked outside for ages.

I’d see if I could locate the dog to check on its condition and its environment. Then based on this it would either be the RSPCA or the noise report thing.

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Seems to have settled down now, hasn’t howled in hours, to be fair some neighbours were doing some renovation in their garden this week which may have unsettled the poor guy.

If it gets bad again, i will contact the council


Glad it’s settled down, can be v.annoying. And yeah, might just be a little unsettled. Our two get a bit ‘talkative’ (mostly whining) when we moved a couple of weeks ago but are their usually sleepy dopey selves again now.

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Just for the record.
It’s normal for the dog to bark if someones walking past or whatever, but howling means distress ?
I have my own dog and he only seems to whine if we’re about to go for a walk.

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Even if i did complain, is there anything that can be done ?
It’s a big dog, and the neighbours are out all day. So would be even worse to put the dog inside ?

This isn’t always the case. Sometimes dogs, and parrots interestingly, howl (caw) for their owners when they aren’t there.


It could just be separation anxiety. So, otherwise healthy, but missing the owner.


He’s at it again, constantly howling. Wish there was something I could do to help.

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Try the council, it might be enough to spark the owners into action, they might not even know the dog is doing it?

It depends really…

If it’s howling that leads me to believe it’s probably a Husky, or similar dog? They tend to be pack animals and get anxiety when left alone, or just bored and howl… Doesn’t mean the dog is in distress per say, my money would be your dog barks and stuff when you’re not there… Just you don’t know about it.

I’d say your best bet would be next time you bump into your neighbor, mention politely that their dog howls when they’re away all the time… They might not even know the dog howls! I think this route will save face later on and keep your relationship with the neighbor on good terms.


If he is a big dog and they’re always out I definitely think it could be distress, he probably wants to go out for a walk/ run and has a lot of pent up energy. Might be worth having a chat with the neighbours first before doing anything more serious.

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Spot on. He is a husky/alsation mix i think.

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Can you take the dog back to yours and treat it properly?

Our last dog howled at the ice-cream van music but that’s a different story all together :laughing:

Also, I believe that huskies require a massive amount of exercise because they’re working dogs.

It won’t settle if it has loads of energy that it needs to burn and this too could be the cause. If its owners are leaving it on its own all day with little exercise/things to stimulate itself.