Rainy Day Fund

(Joshua Ferris) #1

Maybe could have something along the lines of this as an option for the coin jar? Would tie in with the rain picture too and sounds nicer

(Hugh Wells) #2

Would this be the same as naming the pot “Rainy Day Fund” and selecting the picture? :blush:

(#savetheseabass) #3

But it won’t have the same function if you rename it ie automatic deposits

(Hugh Wells) #4

Ah sorry, my bad for not reading :woman_facepalming:

Sure, it’s a good idea and I’ll feed it back and see if we can maybe do something a little more clever here :+1:

(Peter Roberts) #5

Hopefully there’ll be a better interface than using the “Coin Jar” name in future but that said… specifically needing the “Coin Jar” to have a specific name is certainly a first world problem if I’ve ever seen one :rofl: