Monzo 101: How do I add money to my Monzo account?

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So the ability to top up has been removed for people who signed up directly with the CA?


This seems like an odd way to announce removal of a feature (under the guise of a support article)…
Did I miss another announcement post?


Monzo staff asked for feedback and discussed topups here in community extensively so I think a proper announcement that this is going to be removed for new sign ups would have been the correct thing to do.


How would a ‘formal announcement’ (this is a blog post after all) have been beneficial?

As much as a proper post / forum topic about this would have been nice … Monzo never advertised it as a “feature” to potential customers. So it’s not as if they have lost out or been tricked into signing up for something.
Existing uses still have it.


Earlier in the year it was limited to £100 for new direct CA sign ups.

Obviously now it’s gone for people who sign up from now.

The people who had it in full or restricted to £100 can keep it. That’s how I view it.

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You could question about beneficialality of almost anything that’s not the point.

Being transparent and being committed to it does require some effort to let folks know what you have done or doing especially when feedback had been asked on same subject.


It would have been good to have a post to that thread announcing the change in policy. I agree with the policy, but would have been tidier letting us know the conclusion they came to.


Not directly no, Monzo have not talked about the top up feature since the days of convincing people to move to current account from prepaid.
But indirectly people like me who have recommended Monzo to friends and family members might have explained features including top up. :roll_eyes:

And that’s fine as they will have the feature :blush:. It seems that it’s only been taken away for anyone that’s signed up very recently.

:point_up:️This what I wanted to say but @jzw95 has much better words than me :grinning:


I agree posting on the original thread would have been nice. Or a blog post if it was a heavy mentioned feature in the site etc.

This is a blog post, this is being announced in the same way as everything else Monzo does :man_shrugging:

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Myself and other people mean that this blog post is more of a help guide. Rather than an announcement like others such as Apple Pay or IFFT etc.

I guess just a post on the original thread would have done, just to know about their decision. I guess it doesn’t need a blog post thinking about it.

Personally I’m glad to see the feature going! :grin:


This is a help article:
It doesn’t add anything new, it just explains things we already know in a 101 style.

This is an announcement:
It clearly announces a new product feature.

This is an announcement: ATM Fees Abroad: Landing Today
It transparently announces changes to the fee structure of the account for ATM withdrawals abroad.

Unless I am missing this being previously announced elsewhere, this post appears to me to be an announcement masquerading as a help post. The change is not documented in the title, or summary. Indeed, it’s only mentioned in passing towards the end of the article as if it has always been the case.

Does it make sense why I see it as different?

It’s a small change and won’t impact me, but it’s not as transparent as it should have been IMO. Also, is it just a coincidence that it’s late on a Friday? (I’ll remove my tin foil hat now :slightly_smiling_face:)


Between charging overdraft fees when not overdrawn , hiding critical posts from public view and this, I have to wonder: what actually sets monzo apart from so-called legacy banks?

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Happy trolling :slight_smile:


If this was legacy, we’d be talking while in a long queue at the bank?

my view on overdrafts (waiting for the ifttt trigger for balance below x)
why posts may have to be hidden
this: it’s a legacy feature that Monzo don’t want to pass the cost directly onto the user, which means it either dies (preferably quietly) or gets funded by other means. It would not surprise me if they made this decision after watching card usage drop as limits were added and CASS was implemented.

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I wasn’t talking about the feature being removed (I think it makes perfect sense to remove it), I was talking about how it was removed.

But anyway, I don’t want to to troll. So as long as the monzo disciples are happy I’ll shut up now…