Question: Monzo valuation in 202x?

Maybe Monzo thought to inject a little energy into the boards, get us all fired up again before announcing the new £3.50 share price they’ve offered to Capital G.


I don’t see anything in the Community Code of Conduct that prevents or warns against it, so I would not envisage a warning against anyone creating such a topic. Not quite the same as blessing, but I would hate to see anyone in any bother

Ultimately this community serves at the whims of Monzo and, as @HoldenCarver wisely indicates, they may find it a little close for comfort and might have a quiet word by another route

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Is monzo’s fundraise struggling to close, taking longer to close, or were the stories late last year just hot air…?

Fintech valuations are up 20-30% since Nov/Dec

Financial Sector etfs are nearing ATHs

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In English please.

No-one but them will know where they are with it.

Also how do you work out fintech valuations are up by that much, or did you just make a number up?

And I have no idea what an ATH is.

I suspect JIMMWX was more pointing towards themselves not understanding rather than trying to be rude…

The rest of the world has gone to sh*t… lets keep it nice and positive in here!

sure, seems like it…

Your guess is as good as anyone’s. I doubt they’re hot-air, otherwise someone would have said they’re not true. But I think as it was revealed in then news late November, it’s probably just the process being slow over the xmas break etc. :slight_smile:

If you think that was rude, you must not go online often. Blunt perhaps, but there were a lot of acronyms I didn’t know, perhaps others too.

And some were questions. For example, if someone comes here and talks about percent changes, without data, it’s just opinion put across as statements of fact. So I’d like to see data to back up what they are saying, or commentary that it’s their opinion.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Agree with what you said too. I have 3637 shares and would appreciate some tax knowledge… not necessarily advice

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Correct me if I am wrong but as long as you are not selling your shares, there is no tax impact? And selling your Monzo shares is hard, as we all know…

Not now, but if there’s an IPO, people will want to sell.

If the company is acquired then all of our shares are sold at a price and date agreed by bigger investors. Tax event for you and I takes place as a result. Worth looking into our options before that happens.

Just one example… if you are married and you have a lot of shares in your own name, you could transfer half to your spouse and your capital gains tax liability would be reduced. You cannot think about doing that after the company has been acquired.

If its an IPO then great, no taxable events unless we choose to sell. And if we choose to sell it can be within cgt allowances. :+1:


*doing your bit by paying tax is a headache now.

Likleyhood is if you have more than 16k in the bank earning 5% then you need to be registered for self assessment anyway…

I do have and asked HMRC if I need to be on self-assessment and they said no.

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Then they arent following their own guidelines!

Retain the proof they said no!

Unfortunately it was just over the phone. They said that the interest earned will be reported to them by the financial institutions involved, anyway.

Don’t you have to earn over £10,000 annually in interest to need a tax return?

It depends on your situation.

You pay tax on any interest over your allowance at your usual rate of Income Tax.

If you’re employed or get a pension, HMRC will change your tax code so you pay the tax automatically. To decide your tax code, HMRC will estimate how much interest you’ll get in the current year by looking at how much you got the previous year.

If you complete a Self Assessment tax return, report any interest earned on savings there.

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I am very surprised that I have not shared my wisdom on this thread. The IPO will be in 2025 at a valuation of no less than $10 billion.

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