Monzo float or Monzo crowdfund

Monzo had a schedule to raise a certain amount each year until 2020. Average raise needed was a round £16-20m - however Monzo raised £71m in November last year which I think made the schedule redundant as due to the explosive growth they were able to raise all the money needed early and in one go.

Monzo are also hoping to break even this year I believe.

However, with growth being more than exptected that means staff levels are higher and therefore costs are higher so is it nearly time for Monzo to raise again via crowd funding or float ?

I am guessing an announcement of some sorts would come Oct / Nov.


I don’t think a float is on the cards in the next few years, a crowdfunding round obviously has been mentioned though :slight_smile:


Probably not a float but there is a small chance they could announce it instead of a crowdfund.

In October it will be more or less a year since the £71 million raise and they should be at around 1 million customer by then - plus hopefully breaking even or in profit

What a great time to announce a float in early 2019 and get Monzo on the front of every national newspaper Tv station and website in the U.K.

yes , but its “only” half the product at the moment, with a lot of the form work done, but not many of the benefits being seen yet , it would be like selling the house with no kitchen, bathrooms or services and expecting full price for it. I would much prefer to have the house finished ( I know Monzo will never be “finished”) and then realise the most value with a bit of patience rather than letting somebody else gain the benefits :slight_smile:


To follow on from this, my gut says Monzo won’t consider an IPO until they’re firmly established in the US, especially if they plan on floating on a US exchange.


Agree. They need to do what @iansilversides said, and at least demonstrate expansion into one or two more countries. I would expect the float in around 2-4 years.


I know its ever so tempting to have double or triple your investment returned ,( you could in theory do that now seeing as you refused my very generous offer from the first crowdfunding round :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ) but I really do think with a bit of patience , luck , skill etc etc investors are looking at far far more return than “just” tripling your money , if Monzos plans come to fruition anywhere near their expectations -

lol or a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush :slight_smile: :slight_smile: sell now :slight_smile:


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