Question: Monzo valuation in 202x?

I am surprised too. When will you be sharing some wisdom?


Any Companies House nerds any thoughts on what this statement refers to?

Date Form Description
14 Feb 2024 CS01 Confirmation statement made on 31 January 2024 with updates

Google is helpful… But it’s nothing weird/new/exciting…

Use this form to confirm that the company details are up to date.

Nothing specific or detailed? Can these forms be inspected?

It could be to do with the funding that they have been negotiating since October

The form is in itself nothing exciting, it’s just confirming that the company info is accurate. It’s an annual thing that’s done…


It’s just a yearly update which includes things like share distribution (as far as I know). Here’s last years for example: really long s3 link


What’s a share price at that figure? £40 or so?

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I keep meaning to come back with something funnier than this to the above post but I can’t, this about nails it.


At a $4.5bn valuation it was £14.41 a share in 2021. Delusionally assuming there is no more dilution that would make a $10bn valuation around £32 a share.

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Yes, quite delusional given I’m pretty at least sure some staff will want to cash in options at IPO :smiley:

They’ve recently filed a confirmation statement, which should tell us how many shares are currently issued (but doesn’t include share options not yet taken).


They’ll probably be locked up for 6 months (it’s common). Stops people dumping and tanking the IPO-day price.

Lock ups normally prevent the sale of the shares though, not exercising the options? In which case there will still be further dilution when all those options are exercised (doesn’t matter when they are sold!)

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They will do a stock split beforehand.

I’d be happy :smiley: with £32 a share

Are you just making guesses and putting statements here as fact or do you have some knowledge no one else here does?

Monzo will issue all shares in Hot Chip plushie form. They will become a new currency that all shops will be forced to accept. The Freddo Index will be redesigned to cope. This will happen next Wednesday, at 2pm. Tea will not be served due to the shortage.

We’re just doing this kind of thing, right?


I can’t reveal my sources,sorry !


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There’s a surprise :laughing: