Question: Monzo valuation in 202x?

Does anybody have any idea on Monzo’s current valuation?

Based on its latest ARR and comparable fundraise or valuation multiples in fintech/challenge banks/banks.

It’s been quite a while since its last valuation, with revenues up a lot but sector-wide valuations down.

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Your guess is as good as anyone elses. See the below topic where someone asked this recently

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source: complete guess


2-ish years ago (I can’t remember exact) we were what, $4 billion and struggling - couple years later, and in profit and all the other good stuff, if we aren’t double that then sod this private company investing lark with its hoodoo guess work in valuation.

At least £289.64, as that’s how much money is in my bank account.


$4.5bn but that was over exaggerated I reckon anyway

There’s no way they’ve magically doubled in just over a year. Not one bit.

But who knows. No one here is going to know or say even if they did

No one inside or outside Monzo could possibly know until they try and sell a big chunk of shares and discover what people will pay for them. The next time that happens could well be on IPO


There’s definitely work happening towards an IPO, couple of job specs recently specifically call it out as part of the job description. Obviously now is not a good time for an IPO. So whenever more favourable market conditions return … who knows.

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[Full disclosure - I edited the topic title because I wanted to make it clear this was a community discussion and not a statement from Monzo as I first thought.]


Can you share them? I’d be surprised if any company explicitly mentioned it was going for IPO

Monzo have said many times they will IPO - they’ve been saying it since the business founded, that that’s their exit strategy. It’s no secret that it will happen at some point. At this stage it makes perfect sense they’d be hiring people who can help them to go public, it can’t be too far off.

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What I meant is while yes this may be the end goal I would imagine none will specifically confirm exactly where they are unless you happen to be a significant investor.

So yes IPO, but no details on when would be my guess for the wider public

“Potential” but it’s written in a few specs. Nothing confirmed obviously


Good spot.

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Thanks for clarifying and a good spot.

I have serious investor fatigue with Monzo.

£0 return on my money, negative return in fact - I could have put it on a tracker fund and doubled my money.

I accepted the risk when I invested over 7 years ago! But come on guys, surely something must be moving in the direction of returning some value?

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Unfortunately that’s investment for you as you note. As a general rule you should only invest what you can afford to lose and assume that you will. I realise that you know this but it’s a good lesson for others.

I too invested but wrote off any return the moment I did because it was a near certainty that I wouldn’t get one.

Even if Monzo do go public, anyone who makes any real money will be staff (former and current) and then any VCs that have invested significant sums of money.

That’s just how this works. Investment should never be seen as a safe route to making money long term in something, in my books.


If you’ll recall, at the time of investment you were specifically presented with text that said you would not see any return for a long, long time (10 years or more?), and that’s just how investing in a private VC-backed company works.

That’s a total false equivalence - a tracker would not allow you to get the multiple that you might get from Monzo. The higher potential multiple comes from both risk and illiquidity.

Perhaps it is, but Monzo very definitely can’t tell you anything on the IPO front for legal reasons.

I am afraid you will have to continue to be patient. But no crowdfunding user could invest all that much - it’s not like you were able to stick in £100k, so it’s small potatoes anyways. And if it’s not small potatoes to you then you violated another part of what you were told up front - that you should only invest money that you do not care about losing and would not need returned on any timescale, on account of the high-risk nature of the investment and its illiquidity.


Regarding Monzo planning for IPO , being in the early stages of recruiting staff - from the Chairmans statement in the Group companies accounts 2023


Would anyone with experience in these sorts of things like to venture an opinion on how far ahead of an IPO date they are generally announced? Given the radio silence on the matter can we assume it’s just not going to happen in 2024, or can they happen pretty quickly?