Query Regarding Pot Transaction Retrieval

Hi Monzo Dev Team,

Is there an API endpoint or method to retrieve pot transactions? We need this for a project. Any info or documentation would be appreciated.



Actually just double checked nyselfwigh notes I had made around transactions looks like this is only flex and accounts the pure pots don’t seem too (please note this is documentation for a third party package I created but has some relevant information)


If it is still the case there isn’t any other api that can be used

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The available actions are List pots, Deposit into a pot, Withdraw from a pot - that’s it!

Source: Monzo API Reference

Back in July and at least August this year, I was able to use the regular transactions api by supplying the undocumented pot_account_id field to retrieve pot transactions. I maintained a local cached mapping from pot_id to pot_account_id. Returning to my personal app today, I encounter a forbidden.verification_required error code instead of the transaction list. Either a bug, or they don’t want you accessing pot transactions via the pot_account_id. Either way, my app doesn’t serve its purpose now.