API /pots by account?

(Stu S) #1

With the ability to now have multiple accounts (Joint, Business beta).

Is there a way to access /pots by account? I have 2 accounts, but only see one set of pots (Personal)

(Kieren) #2

This does make sense, and I guess you could have a hybrid between the old and new accounts screens - swipe sideways to switch accounts, scroll to see the Pots on that account.

(Stu S) #3

Sorry, I was specially talking about the API.

I’ve updated my q


There isn’t currently. You can access the pots by id if you know what they are.

I scan through the last couple of months of joint account transactions the find active pots and then poll them individually to get the details. Not very API efficient but it’s the only way :neutral_face:

(Stu S) #5

I’ll try that.

I’m trying to write a webhooks l for my business account to move VAT.

I’ll try that! Thanks

(Kieren) #6

Sorry that’s my bad, half asleep so didn’t notice it was in the developers category! Still think my idea could work in the UI though :wink:

(Tim) #7

Try passing a current_account_id field to /pots. I don’t think we’ve documented this yet! :slight_smile:

(Stu S) #8

I’ll try that!

perfect that!