Webhooks are not sent for virtual cards using a pot

Recently Monzo released the ability for users to connect a Virtual Card to a pot. This now means that pots have their own feed of transactions separate to the main list.

With this change, it appears that webhooks do not work for this pot transaction feed.

I have sent a transaction to a virtual card connected to a pot, and no webhook has been sent.

I have also tried sending a transaction to a virtual card pulling money from the main account, and I do get a webhook. I also get a webhook (as has always worked) by spending money on my main card.

I can definitely understand why this doesn’t work, but it would be very helpful if it did :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if there’s a way to add a webhook to a pot? Perhaps it exists but is undocumented?

Anyone seen this, want this, know how to workaround this? Thoughts?



I’ll add to this that it doesn’t look like the Public API has any ability to list transactions on these ‘pot accounts’ either. Looks like they’re completely separate and Monzo didn’t add them to the public API :sob:

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An evolving discussion. It turns out there’s a hidden value called “pot_account_id” which is generated for every pot. You can use this pot_account_id to request the /transactions endpoint and get a list of transactions.

This same pot_account_id does not work for the /webhooks endpoints (auth error).
It’s also not immediately obvious to me how a normal person would get this pot_account_id. It’s not available in the accounts API, or in the pots API.

Would love a member of the team to help us out here! :heart: Thanks

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Not that it helps, but they aren’t on the Google sheets export either.

So I think you’re right, they are completely separate

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Think I need to “hey Google, what’s a webhook?”

I’m interested to know, I’ve heard the term used lots but never investigated to know if I should have or need some in my life.

Simply put, a Monzo webhook is where Monzo will send a request to a developer’s server whenever a transaction is created. That means we can make updates to your account in real-time as it happens.

We use webhooks to save us needing to poll for updates which is where we make a request to Monzo every couple of minutes basically constantly saying “anything new? anything new? anything new?” constantly on repeat.

Webhooks are far quicker, and less intensive.