Now TV incorrect recurring payments

(John Chandler) #1

I’m confused with my Now TV payments within Monzo.

In June I moved to Monzo and bought a Now TV day pass. This set a committed spend of 7.99 plus a 0.10 transaction. I understand the 0.10 transaction and it has now gone away. But now we are in a new month I’m seeing two Now TV transactions

  • one committed spend in June for 7.99
  • and one committed spend in July for 7.99

Thus it appears Monzo is handling this as a recurring transaction when it should have been a one off.

Can anyone advise if this is working properly, and when/.if the July transaction will disappear?

(MikeF) #2

The way Committed Spend works at the moment is quite simple in that it takes last months spend and assumes that it will be the same this month. I believe the transaction will drop off a few days after it isn’t taken.

(Ben) #3

Monzo are adding recurring payments to the commited spending, alongside direct debits and standing orders to help customers understand how much money has already been spent for the coming month. Now TV is one of the providers they are testing with.

As you made a one of payment, Monzo assume it will be a recurring payments as the vast majority of Now TV payments are. However, as yours wasn’t, it will still display in commited spending but will not be taken.

(John Chandler) #4

Thanks for the feedback. Let’s just hope the upgraded recurring payments allow you to delete false assumptions.

(Marcel Ruhf) #5

From what I read, my impression is that there will, at some point, be a toggle to mark certain transactions as recurring.


Are NOWTV passes all technically subscriptions? I guess the only way for Monzo to automatically know you’ve cancelled the subscription would be to be linked to your email and able to read cancellation confirmations. But, yeah, a toggle or button to cancel a recurring payment would be useful if not a very automatic or elegant way to do it.

Edit: Ah I’ve just seen they do a Sky Sports Day/Week Pass for one off non-recurring payments. I guess email linking would be useful in this case too.

(Ben) #7

I’m looking forward to the toggle, I will be marking my iCloud storage payment as recurring.

(Simmy) #8

It’s a rolling contract, so you can cancel at any time. You pay the fee then you get the week/month/day you paid for