✅ QIF export - DD payee shown as reference not name

On QIF exports, payees for DD payments are showing as the DD reference rather than the name of the merchant.


Anyone from Monzo seen this please?

+1 for this. I reckon this started happening about 2 months ago.

Here’s a BACS credit transaction in my QIF export:

P21xx3 PERRY
M21xx3 PERRY

and here’s a DD.


Clearly the P should be the payee and was until recently. Anecdotally, only seems to only be DD and BACS payment affected.

CSV exports are similarly affected with the ‘Description’ field containing the same data. PDFs are NOT affected.

Chat support is awful at the moment. I linked them this thread a month ago and I’ve still not got a helpful response yet.

No update as of yet.

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Still nothing after nearly 3 months

Tried reporting it in app? I know it’s not their ideal but if you’re getting no response

Reported it early Nov in App.

I am seeing the same issue in the CSV export: No vendor name on direct debits.

6 months has now passed and no fix

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Yep I’ve noticed this on CSV exports (iOS) direct debits don’t show the merchant just the reference! hope it gets fixed.


Seconded. Please fix for CSV too!

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This annoying bug could do with some Monzo love. Any chance @simonb can get it seen by the right sorts? Pretty please :pray:


I’ve just reported this as well as it’s a very annoying bug, so far I’ve waited 6 hours for a response then the CoOp didn’t seem to understand what I was on about, so I’ve now explained again and will probably have to wait another 6 hours.

This is ridiculous

Hi all!

We’re aware and we’ve passed this on to our engineers, they’ll be working on a fix in the coming weeks.


Hello everyone!

We have just deployed a fix for this bug. Give it another shot and shout if it’s still broken!

Thanks for your patience! :blush:


Hi All, @realnickperry @shaunorpen @monzo2018 @jsmith300

This bug now seems to be fixed.

I’ve just downloaded both the CSV & QIF files and viewed them both and I’m please to say the the Direct Debit reference’s / vendor’s name are now showing as names and not numbers.

Thanks @kunalsinghal @MrSherlock and the other Monzo staff for all your help with this one :grinning::+1:

Whoop! Works for me. Well done everyone!

Hallelujah :white_check_mark: