Q4 Monzo Plus

Incredibly disappointed to see this sort of engagement being prioritised on twitter. Esepcially with engagement from monzo staff about ideas as opposed to on here.

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Why? They don’t have to post everything on here first.


100% in agreement i dont care if on twitter or the forum first… but then when was the last time a monzo staff member talked about an idea from the community being good or not on the forum at all?

Erm, they literally held a vote the other day on a BLM logo, which got inundated with people attacking Monzo for doing it etc.

I’m not surprised this has been opened up on Twitter and not in this community.


We get plenty of feedback about Plus here without having to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s more an open invite to folks who don’t usually give us unprompted feedback.


Funnily enough this is something which would have been more suited to Twitter.

They wanted a vote and nothing else, no other comments :man_shrugging:


Feedback a plenty but no input from staff to say yeah thats something we should look at in Q4 or sense of value from providing the feedback

Not pointing fingers but in the thread mentioned richard openly asked a person about an idea and saif yeah this would be great, how do you see that working. That level of feedback and engagement i feel is seriously lacking on here

To be fair there are about ~300 Plus users on here (per the last Poll), and maybe 500 or so active users in a given month.

There’s plenty of threads of well defined feedback, detailing flaws, improvements and a lot of the “why” a feature is wanted/important. From previous threads I’m inclined to believe monzo would be reading the feedback here, even if not posting directly on it.

Compare it to twitter where they are more likely to engage with the other 49,700+ Plus users… Kind of makes sense to go there.

If there’s features you want to see, I would encourage people to post about it!


Do you not think you’re being rather dramatic?

There’s at least 3 big threads in the Plus section with ideas, along with threads in the suggestions section.

But you’re upset because someone hasn’t told you that your idea is good?


Also having a look through the twitter thread, most of the ideas coming up have been proposed, discussed, expanded on in a relevant thread on here already, and possibly within the first week!

There are lots saying actually that “they didn’t see Plus until it was advertised on twitter”, which I suspect may be the basis for the A/B testing on non-Plus users I thnk they are doing.

Fair enough everyone.

My point was more so product managers are now choosing to engage more on twitter with their personal accounts than on here which is owned by monzo which to me is odd. Both should be used of course but this forum is almost a no go zone apart from the very few staff members that feel brave enough.

If thats the case why hasnt there been more engagement on those threads from staff members.

Maybe im an idealist and trying to hang on to the point of the forum but it really does seem to be like its the least looked after social and if we can post out points n twitter then whats the point of it anymore?

Just had a nice little interaction with Richard on Twitter!

Fingers crossed re some good stuff coming to plus next quarter.

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Dan posts all the time even on holiday. Cooky is in this thread and you see them post from time to time.

This thread had a good update from a staff member - Monzo changed my overdraft limit - no warning

Staff member updating the community - Dark Mode

4 staff members in this thread - TODAY - You can now add Amex to Monzo, with Monzo Plus

I think you’re just seeing what you want to see.

As long as DARK MODE is coming soon who cares! It’s the most important thing after all!


Only an iOS or two late lol

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I liked the suggestion on twitter for a global feed across all accounts (or selected) - interesting idea, sort of like a social feed for your financial life.

Interesting how much if the feedback here and on twitter is around making pots and virtual cards first class accounts which can do things normal accounts do (deposits, transaction list).


I think now that they’ve devised a way to show the card image alongside the transaction, this is much more achievable than it used to be.


Here is a groundbreaking idea:

Why don’t we talk about what we would like in Plus Q4 in this thread, instead of complaining that we were not asked?!


Sounds like a new thread if you ask me!

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