Q1 2021 CASS Stats

Some surprising numbers so far…

Overall net gains for Monzo but Starling, Lloyds, Natwest and Clydesdale really knocked it out the park.

A sad time for TSB, Halifax and Santander


I think a few of those are explainable as incentives to move, and also Starling offered the business loans so may have hugely benefited from companies moving.

Interesting nonetheless tho.

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Pretty sure Lloyds where offering £150 for switching but Virgin/Clydesdale where not so I assume theirs was down to marketing the rebrand

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Intrigued at the thin and arbitrary dividing line there between Clydesdale Bank “knocking it out of the park” and Monzo scraping by


Virgin & Clydesdale’s merger isn’t included in these numbers. That’s Clydesdale specifically. I’m sure they had some incentive or high % interest offering to entice people.

I didn’t say or suggest anything of the kind. This isn’t a Monzo vs Starling (or any other bank) discussion

Lloyds and Starling did however knock it out the park in Q1


I think Lloyds, for whatever reason, is just a really attractive offering to a lot of people. I have one friend who is annoyingly loyal to Lloyds. I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but they seem to offer something she likes and benefits from.


I am very loyal to Lloyds so I do get it. They have great customer service, their app has notifications and budgeting, and they have full card controls. If they would just get round to offering free foreign transactions and a better Euro account I would likely drop my Starling account completely


I wonder what is causing the exodus from Santander?

I get people leaving TSB, but I also wonder what’s taking them all so long and who are the 3774 people signing up :laughing:

They changed the 123 account again


I signed up for the new card and to play with the new app. Didn’t CASS though.

One thing I may do when I have time later is transpose those net gains to percentages to better gauge performance relative to their size. At a glance, Triodos looks to have done quite well in this respect. Starling Bank too.

I am surprised Monzo’s losses are such a significantly high percentage of their gains though. Not something you expect to see in a young, growing startup. Concerning, but perhaps related to the fee and limits changes last year.


You will never have enough time to do this. There is literally nothing on earth that should ever be given less priority than this job. Even rolling a random piece of blu-tack you found in a drawer round in between your palms to create the perfect ball of warm blu-tack is far more important than doing this. Even ordering 20kgs of M&Ms and sorting them into piles of both colour and size is higher up the pecking order than doing that. Even staring out of your window for 5 hours and contemplating why we are here and what life is all about is a far greater priority than doing that.


Starling gained far more and lost a lot less. Quite a substantial difference on those smaller numbers.


I didn’t mention Starling though. Congrats to them for that


Hah! :joy: That gave me a good chuckle!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before on here somewhere, but playing with data like that is something of a hobby for me! There are periods, like now, where I’m off work for weeks and literally have nothing better to do! Besides build homebridge plugins.


Probably Ant and/or Dec.


Was thinking myself! Would definitely be interesting to see.

Edit: and then I read the above post and now feel just as attacked :grimacing:🥲


Not sure where you read any of that. No one even suggested that Monzo weren’t also doing good. Just not as good

Sometimes the Monzo paranoia needs to stop


Wait what post?!

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Oh wow it was @ysconhb. I have no idea what happened there :man_facepalming:t2: