[Q&A] Ask us about Pulse!

(Jack Donovan) #60

:joy::joy::joy: words cannot describe my love for your comment.

To add my opinion…

The usage of it is great. A tab for pulse would be excellent. I’ve updated 20 minutes ago and personally. I think it looks a bit… :thinking:

I’d rather that space of the app Say Monzo. With your logo. Not a weird little graph, you know?

Other than that. Cool. Bring on pulse.

But I do think it needs moving…


(Anastasios Morfopoulos) #61

Damn, initially I thought I’d be able to answer to each one of you individualy, but it looks like this is going to be impossible to do :smile:
I’ll try to respond to a few broad concerns instead.

Ideas for improvement
Not sure if it seems like it, but we do take all of these into consideration. As I mentioned before, nothing is written in stone. We will play around with this, and let users play around with it as well. Although an on/off toggle is probably not going to happen, that doesn’t mean we’re not considering all kinds of alternative options (like the ones you mentioned for hiding it while scrolling, having a dedicated space for it, etc).

Android design standards
Now you’re just asking for a flame war :fire::fire: Being an android engineer for several years now, you will be very hard-pressed to find someone more opinionated than me about this matter! Having said that, you need to keep in mind that those are just guidelines, and they give designers and developers quite a bit of freedom with regards to how an app should look. Designers/developers are free to deviate as much as they want, as long as they can provide a nice, consistent experience. Additionally, these guidelines change over time. Case in point, bottom navigation: https://material.io/guidelines/components/bottom-navigation.html

Future plans
I’ll have to dodge this, and let @vuokko answer it :wink: She’s out right now, but should be able to respond tomorrow if that’s ok!


(Anastasios Morfopoulos) #62

The reason is that we did the hard part (the plotting and interaction with the graph on the client-side). The graph already has useful (granted, not for everybody) information in it. But now that it’s out (on both platforms), we can easily iterate on it, and also improve the server-side to take future payments into account. If we waited for bills before we released it, we might have had to wait for projected incoming payments as well. What about the information from the upcoming targets/spending breakdown work? You see where this is going, right? We’d never release anything if we thought like that. Releasing early and getting feedback (the exact process we are in right now) is the Monzo way :mondo: :mondo: :mondo:


(Peter Roberts) #63

I’m a big fan of the continuous delivery model you guys follow! I just wanted to give you a positive data-point for that since I read a lot of criticism of it on here :frowning:


(Nicholas Carter) #64

Just chipping in and saying I do love it, sometimes it’s predictions can be a little scary, and a little off. Not sure how it works exactly but it seems if I have a particularly high spending month it REALLY can’t handle that the next.

I really do love the graph being there though, Without it I feel the feed would appear very vanilla and bland… Nice to have a little visual to go along with it!

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(Hugo Cornejo) #65

Actually… we were working on some early ideas with our Lending team the other day and this came out. A simple way to give you awareness of when you might need an overdraft.

And this is just an example, there are many more things like this that we want to explore, and we need the Pulse for it :slight_smile:


Making Monzo Better: The Big List
(Jack) #66

Love it Hugo



I think one issue with the Pulse is that if you’re fortunate enough to not be worried about getting near 0 the usage isn’t that obvious for the real estate taken up.

Personally I’d like to be able to lay multiple months over the same graph so I can compare.
Even if there was just an option to compare to last month that might be useful.

Would it be possible to have confirmation of what is taken into account for the prediction currently? I’m aware that my mortgage comes out every month same day via direct debit but the graph sure isn’t. Currently the prediction does seem slightly misleading?


(Jack) #68

I imagine what you’ve mentioned is ideas they have thought about for the future. This is still an early stage :eyes:


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #69

I like this idea better :man_cartwheeling: :man_dancing: :upside_down_face: :eyes:



(Jack) #70

I like this idea even more:

:apple: :credit_card: on :monzo: :star_struck:


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #71

Apple Pay FTW but we all know Ireland and the USA will get it before the UK



(Jack) #72

I reckon it’s going to be before pre paid closes. They will want to use it as an incentive to get people to upgrade. Like they did with android pay.


(Alex Sherwood) #73

The prepaid program’s closing on the 4th April this year -


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #74

And I can’t wait


(Jack) #75

Yes and that would tie in well if it launched say within the next month :eyes:

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(Josh Price) #76

Would there be an option in the future to turn off pulse? For me, I don’t see any real advantages in it. I’d rather just see a figure which tells me exactly how much I have left to spend that. I find it anything it just gets in the way.

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(Alex Sherwood) #77

It sounds like you might have missed this :slight_smile:


(Bradley) #78

I find the projection part quite useful, however it’s very hard to discern when exactly my balance is forecast to hit 0.

I’ve worked out myself that each dashed line represents a day, but this coud perhaps be clearer.

Can you give an explanation as to how the forecast works? What historic data does it use (how long a period, how far back)? Does the forecast factor previous one-off large expenditures (I’d rather it not)? If I spent a lot of money yesterday, but don’t plan to for the rest of the week, will Pulse presume I will continue to spend rapidly, or purely rely on longer-term data?


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #79

Personally I do not see how an app can predict my spending I mean even I can’t predict that… Yes like everyone else I have set bills but I also just do no think so yeah predict that one Monzo :upside_down_face: