[Q&A] Ask us about Pulse!

(Alex Sherwood) #96

I think it’s pretty obvious that the forecast isn’t 100% accurate so no one should be relying on it..

I agree that it would be better to include those payments but it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be useful in my opinion.


I think with banking products sold to the general consumer with the aim of helping people managing their money that’s a really bad position.

I can see how it’s happened and I understand MVP but I think accuracy at this level should have been in the first iteration.

(Dan) #98

How many months data does it need to forecast? I don’t get a forecast at the moment and been using Monzo since 20th December

(Anastasios Morfopoulos) #99

Are you on Android or iOS? A bit more info about timelines:

  • In order to see the graph, 2 months and 3 days must have passed since you joined (this is so that we have enough data to show, and a lot of complex calculations have gone into that number).
  • You should always see the projected line (currently only for the rest of the month, not spanning to later periods), but you need to have a positive balance (since we don’t take incoming transactions into account yet).

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(Dan) #100

I’m actually on iOS, but all I see is this? I guess it because I haven’t been using it long enough :slight_smile: 20th Dec isn’t 2 months and 3 days! I’ll wait a little longer :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Really dislike the look of this feature - It’s too overbearing. Would be great if there was an option to turn it off. I just don’t really see how such a small/basic graph that you can’t actually view as a complete month etc is actually meaningful or useful?


people stop complaining eventuaully when they realise they are pissing into the wind, not because they become happy with the changes

(Dan) #104

AMAZING :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Alex Sherwood) #105

They’re complaining to each other on Facebook, not to Facebook so if there really was a problem, users have no reason not to keep complaining.

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #106

I’m glad to see the pulse come to Android, it’s certainly been a highly requested feature! I really hope we’ll see just a little bit more feature-parity though in the future. I feel like a lot of the users who are complaining in this thread didn’t even know that the pulse had been one of the ‘main’ features of Monzo for a lot of iOS users and had always been slated for Android. I think I can remember Monzo staff talking about why different platforms need features to go live at different times, and that’s fine. It’s important that these different times are closer to a month than several however, otherwise users will be confused when their platform ‘catches up’.


A lot of Android users were demanding it as they were pissed that Android was behind iOS in Monzo’s app development. However now they see how it is only suitable for those with large screens and certain spending patterns and not on less flash less expensive devices with smaller screens or if you have other spending patterns they are genuinely annoyed it takes up so much of the screen without being closeable/hideable.

The fact the Pulse graph was introduced AND a bottom bar menu replaced the Hamburger menu totally dumbfounds me. Did they not realise how the two in conjunction compound the problem of eating into the available screen area for displaying the important data…the transactions.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #108

I imagine it came as a complete surprise to them.

(Jack Donovan) #109

After messing around a bit and realising what it means, I’ve come to like it.

Mine currently says… STOP SPENDING FFS.

Which is good. I like that :heart_eyes:

If you look at mine, you can see an obvious pattern and how it works.


Thank you for the preview, the pulse makes more sense to me now, but again only for someone who has a regular income. I don’t, and after 3 months of using Monzo as my main account, I have this:


Maybe the pulse will help me rethink how I manage my cashflow in the future but for the time being it’s a random line on top of my screen.

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #111

I think the Pulse holds great potential. I’m looking forward to seeing it realised.

(Oli) #112

Likewise. As it stands, it doesn’t really add a great deal of value for me - but I appreciate it’s part of a bigger picture that will be realised in time, so happy to wait and see :v:t2:


Samsung for one has always been ahead of Apple for screen size of their flagship phone…


for me, then Pulse makes sense, but if you have all your money come in the same day it all goes out to pay bills and you have a flat line not lots of peaks and troughs it is useless.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #115

or if you only put £8 on to your Current Account card a week to only pay for your coffee because you don’t trust contactless payments it doesnt have much use

Its a generic tool to show whether the majority of perceived average users are spending their salary too quickly and then they can either choose, or not, to change their spending habits - Monzo cant stop you spending your salary too fast, but its trying to give you an indication of whether you are, or not, and giving you as much notice as possible to change the habit thats leading you to no funds mid month

Sure it won’t suit every scenario, for every user , but probably for most it offers the possibility to change their habits, if those habits are leading to no funds , if the user wants to change the habit - its a graph at the end of the day - just as targets are telling you how much you’re spending on coffee, doesnt stop you buying coffee - how people want to use it is up to them