Putting in Cash or Cheques

How do I add cash (notes and change) into my Monzo account? With other banks you can just go in and ask to put in cheques or notes, but since Monzo is a virtual bank, how could I do that?


This is a screenshot from the FAQs you’ll find in the app. Should help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Paying in cheques via the app is coming

And Monzo is looking at the options around working with a 3rd party to deposit cash


Hey Anna! :grinning:

At the moment, I’m afraid it’s not possible to deposit cash back into a Monzo account, but it’s a problem we’re working very hard on fixing.

We’re looking at making a partnership with a third party to facilitate this - options could be something like the Post Office, any PayPoint branch, or even another sponsor bank (one that has branches) - or something else entirely!

No ETA on this yet but look for more news on this soon :grinning:

Regarding cheques, you can mail them to us for free - simply write “FREEPOST MONZO” on the envelope! We’re working on you being able to scan a cheque in from the app itself, but this is still some time away and probably won’t launch until next year.