Depositing money into your account when Monzo becomes a "Full Bank"

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When Monzo becomes a full bank I want to switch to Monzo as my main bank. However, I am paid in cash weekly at my current job. I usually deposit my wage into my bank account via my local post office every week, just wondering what the process for getting our money into Monzo will be when it becomes a full bank

Depositing cash into current account?
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by typing " paying cash in " in the top right hand search feature I found this post -

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The main discussion around cash deposits has happened here

but has also been discussed here
and here

and just refreshed and spotted @iansilversides’s post lol

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Thanks guys, should have probably searched first… i always forget about it.


I use PayPoint very successfully with a Monese account with cash credits near instantaneous. However cash deposits at Post Office to Lloyds or TSB take over a day.

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Hi there, i also love this idea of payponts as a deposit for cash payments but if im right using a paypont dont it incur a charge like paying into your monese account?. Thanks Chris


depends on the bank/card company