Post Office Payments

(Robert Ritchie) #1

Hi there.

I’m new to Monzo and loving the service and features, and already switched my main current accout over to Monzo, but I would love to be able to pay cash into my account via the local post office.

I know I can make a internet banking transfer, but as I’ve already switched to Monzo, this is no longer possible, so paying in cash via the post office would help loads.

Any ideas if this is something that will be implemented in the future?

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards.

Robert Ritchie.

(Jack) #2

Hi @RobertRitchie,

There are plans for cash deposits in the future! As to how this will work we aren’t yet sure… but it’s on Monzo’s roadmap to have something in place for depositing cash within the next 6 to 12 months :dollar:

Here is a link to their transparent roadmap if you’re interested in looking at anything further: