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Could you tell us a little more about the issue? We’ll see if we can reproduce it.

We’re investigating :slight_smile:

This was the COps update and the below is from the original thread.

@Frankiejr Ok, I’ve confirmed there’s a known issue with the Pulse graph not changing when moving money from Pots. I can’t say when it’ll be fixed, but it’s on our radar :+1:

Thanks for the update. Is this in addition to the pulse only taking 3 data points?

There’s two separate things going on here. The thing with pots is a bug and unintended. The ‘three data points’ is known and is how the graph works - so we’re not treating it as a ‘bug’.

Hope that helps!

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Can this not be increased? Otherwise you effectively have no accurate daily balance of any days have more than 3 transactions?

Though granted it’s pots that takes me over 3 more often than general transactions it’s not uncommon to have more than 3 in a day.

I don’t think the Pulse is intended as a way to get a daily balance (it’s certain never worked as such for me). I agree it’s confusing as I used to think I’d be able to do this, too.

You can export your transactions as a CSV and use a spreadsheet to get a running balance, though this is a hassle if you just want a quick check. We were ‘promised’ a running balance as part of the transaction details for the current account, but I’ve not heard anything recently. Any update on this from the :monzo: team?

Display running balance with each entry - #100 by hugo

We’re still planning on having this. But the balance will be in the screen for each transaction, not running alongside your feed. (As some payments may change in value between authorisation and settlement).

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Does this mean that the order of transactions from which balance is calculated may be different to the order shown in the feed?

ie. My balance is £100.
I make a purchase for £10
I then make a purchase for £20

The £20 payment is settled first, so it shows a balance after of £80, and the £10 payment shows a balance after of £70. But in my feed, the £10 balance appears earlier, so if I read the ‘balance after’ from the last statement in my feed, it’ll show £80, where as my balance shows £70.

If this is the case, this is going to be very confusing.

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Sorry, my answer was a little unclear. It’s more that some transactions will have more than one corresponding change in balance - eg. foreign transactions where the FX rate will change between authorisation and settlement.


Thanks for the response. So you mention Monzo intend to have the balance per transaction on the screen, does this directly relate to fixing the the 3 data points that is not classed as a bug?

Or are you saying the balance here should be an end of day balance and it is only pots not being reflected that is preventing this?

Sorry for all the questions, I am trying to understand where we are today and what end state is expected in relation to daily balance.

In the interim how do we get this if needed? Speak with COps in app chat?

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