Pulse feature not working?

I received the new pulse feature this morning, but when selecting continue the app refreshes back to my list of transactions - no change and defo not seeing Pulse or any changes :confounded:

Hey @audreyj.cochet, sorry! What happens when you scroll down in your feed?

nothing was happening until I started taking screen shots to upload… Now I get the beautiful graph!!


Just ran into the same issue, but mine has not yet unlocked.

Repro steps:

  1. Use my Mondo beta card
  2. See an entry in my feed “You’ve unlocked the pulse”
  3. Tap the entry
  4. Read the contextual on-boarding
  5. Tap Continue
  6. The page dismisses instead of showing me my pulse
  7. I cannot find pulse elsewhere in the app.

Device = iPhone 6S
OS = 9.3.1
App = Latest version in the app store

Hey David, what happens if you scroll down? It should be along the top :slight_smile:

Face palm. It was there all along and I never discovered it. I wonder if the contextual on-boarding screen could be adjusted to have text in addition to the animation that tells people where to look?

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I personally believe the pulse should have unlocked a little later than it did for me (I got it after twelve feed items over four non-consecutive days). At the time I unlocked it, I only barely had enough transactions to show anything at all.

If there is just a little more data to show, the continue button could also initiate a very slight, non-input blocking scroll nudge down to further reinforce how to find the pulse without being invasive.

i got some funny pulse behaviour.

I started to see pulse last night. I assumed I reached a number of transactions that would allow it to work properly and thought "oh! nice :)"
Then I used the card at Tesco this evening and got a Feed notification said pulse had been unlocked, almost 24h after I had it. For a second I got confused and thought I and unlocked an additional feature.

But the funny behaviour shows up when you scroll pulse left or right. You can move back to before you even add an account, which is not a problem, but maybe pointless :slight_smile:
But it also allows you to move into the future and when doing so it closes pulse in a weird way. I don’t disagree with the behaviour, but instead of showing a future month, maybe it should show something that indicates that you reached the end of the timeline? So that you know that moving past that point will close pulse.

Well spotted @mafonso

The fact that you can swipe to months before you got your card is an old-known bug. The app shouldn’t let you do that, we’ll fix it :slight_smile:

On the other hand the swipe to the future is more interesting because at some point we’ll want you to explore the future (check a future direct debit, etc.) so we’ll need to revisit the graph and dashboard to ensure a nice interactive model.

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Got it! The exploration of the future makes total sense as you describe it. Its just that in meanwhile feels funny being able to move into the next month just to be kicked out to the (Your Card/ Today) view :slight_smile:

I also have no pulse graph. Has it be removed? Mind you I’m new and only have 2 transactions lol?

Not removed! Just requires one complete month of data to see it now.

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Thanks for the info mate