Publish Full Release Notes?

I’m not sure how things work on Android, so this might be an iOS request only…

Is there any way to see full release notes for each build? According to the only source that I can see (Apple App Store), the following are the full release notes for the last three releases.

There is virtually no detail here. So if I’ve reported a bug on the forum that was fixed, or there is a subtle change to how the app works due to a bug fix, how do I find that out?

I understand it can be onerous to update and publish useful release notes, but surely this is a move away from the transparency you laud yourselves for?

Version History

  • 3.14.0

13 Jan 2020

Got a Monzo business account? You can now test the new app layout in Monzo Labs. And for everyone else, we swatted a few bugs at the end of 2019 to give you a smoother all-round experience. Slice of pi, anyone?

  • 3.13.0

8 Jan 2020

Like most people post-Christmas, we’re still absolutely stuffed from all the mince pies and turkey. So we’re easing into 2020 with some tidying up. We’ve redesigned the Profile and Settings pages for business accounts so it’s easier to find things like legal documents and notification preferences.

You’ll need to use our new-look app to see this, which you can turn on in Monzo Labs from your old settings page (very meta, we know).


  • 3.12.1

17 Dec 2019

An extra Christmas gift, so soon?! We’re treating you with one last round of bug fixes before we sign off for the year.

Have to agree, not very transparent…

I thought the point of reporting bugs on the forum was that they could be marked as resolved, rather than weighing down the release notes with specifics?

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favour of more detailed release notes, but sometimes it can be a lot of effort to describe a very specific circumstance that has been resolved that might have only impacted one person in the end (I have to do release notes at work, it is a thankless task). In many cases it’s easier to just say a bug fix was applied and move on.


How many people that haven’t reported something on a forum - that only a small number of users actually visit - will realise a behaviour that has changed was a bug though? (granted, they are unlikely to read release notes anyway).

Also, where is the single source of truth of what’s changed in the app? It isn’t in the App Store ‘release notes’, it isn’t in the forum/resolved bugs list, so … where?

And are Monzo ONLY fix bugs that are reported on the forum? Surely not? I’d hope any bug reported on the forum would be investigated and looked at as part of a cohesive product. Maybe that bug isn’t actually a bug but the result of a change elsewhere, and that means fixing/changing three more things… it’s not easy I know.


My perception from updating my own apps frequently is that lots of apps will use the general “Fixed some bugs” message rather than detailing everything. I don’t see anything odd with it, they’re largely going to be far too minor to list.

I mean, do you really want to them to list “Small flicker in transition between screens fixed. 1xp gap in tab element closed up. Input response made slightly faster.” etc?

It would get even worse on Android releases when it would be ‘Bug that only appeared when you used a certain model of phone at a certain time of day while the moon is in alignment with Saturn has been fixed’.


Yeah agreed there is a line to be tread here.

I’m not sure what more detailed release notes would be for? If you’re curious to see whether a bug you have reported is fixed, then that communication should be through the same channel in which it was reported (i.e. the forum if it was reported there, or in-app chat if reported there). If it is not a bug you have personally reported, I can’t see a use case that would be worth the engineers’ time to write such detail in release notes. I’m all for transparency, but I’m also for not wasting engineers’s time (and therefore Monzo’s £££) unnecessarily.

Of course, if you have a specific use case in mind, I am always curious to know!

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Always surprised that people read release notes

Use case: Monzo used to do X, now it does Y. What changed and why? Bug fixes can change app behaviour sometimes.

Doesn’t have to be massively detailed, the detail is probably already captured anyway, just needs compiled and published.


I agree.

I complained ages ago about crappy release notes. It changed for a while to more detail but soon marketing copy crept back in again and the release notes have gone back to high level :frowning:

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