I'm all for witty change logs, but ones like this are both unhelpful and unprofessional


Software engineers across the country are cringing…!

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I’ll take that over “Bug fixes and performance improvements” any day.

Also, I think this is the beta release, I expect they will flesh them out for the stable channel.


Are they though? :man_shrugging:


At least one is :smiley:

If I did a release with such a rubbish change message I’d get chewed out!

At least that’s something.

Saying essentially “we did something but we’re not sure what it is, lol” is kind of off putting…

And surely beta releases should have more descriptive logs so the beta channel subscribers know what to look out for and ‘test’


I am not cringing, I found it quite amusing

I quite like the fact we tend to get a beta release last thing on Friday, would rather this than wait for Monday just for a changelog, which is being talked about here anyway: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

I initially thought “well, why couldn’t the releasey person just look through the code commits” but then Monzo frequently land stuff in the app that is remotely enabled later, or A/B tested or stuff like that, so you don’t want someone to put “FitBit Pay Support” in the release notes when it will only actually be used for a tiny trial. I guess that’s why they needed the engineers and/or product people to still be around, and I guess they’d gone off for some light refreshments, which I don’t begrudge anyone!


It “should”, yes. I think that’s perfectly acknowledged in the message. I think the cringeing will be more widespread at TSB…

Defaming competitors isn’t the way. You know that, man.

Better than the Strava beta release notes. The same release notes every time.



That’s reasonable. I can’t blame anyone for going off for a drink at the end of a busy week :smiley:

I mean… Yeah bad change notes are everywhere. But calling out others doesn’t improve Monzo’s :slight_smile:

Yes - just adding perspective. They just happen to be a competitor.

Nor will this thread. The change note acknowledges the mistake. Move on.

But we can call out Monzo though?

̄_(ツ)_/ ̄

It highlights it so hopefully means it won’t happen in future releases :slight_smile:

…we’re on the Monzo forum my man. That’s what it’s for.

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I suppose the options were to not have it released til Monday or release it like that. But I thought that was kind of the point of the test flight, to see how it goes and fix anything that’s not perfect


Ok - so the person who wrote it has already acknowledged it, and you think calling them unhelpful and unprofessional will help them remember next time? Reminds me of my investment banking days… :crazy_face:

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My view is that they have to be informative in some degree. They can be funny, they can be cringing, they can be Mozarts 5th Symphony for all I care, but they really should have information in it about the release.


The release notes you see aren’t actually written by software engineers themselves at Monzo, so rest assured that no one will be chewed up :smile:. I think @tristan writes them, if I remember correctly. That one aside, I don’t see where your issue with the release notes is (and I’m a software engineer myself). The notes for this release indicates that there is something that will soon be released, but that hasn’t been announced yet.

We’re obviously not seeing eye to eye here so let’s stop being passive aggressive to each other and call it quits.