Publish a High Level Product Roadmap

And for those of us not on Twitter?

It definitely is though isn’t it? Even if we’re accepting that certain things aren’t possible anymore, things are worse than they used to be.


Thanks for that @cookywook :slight_smile: My comment was a little tongue in cheek but still a concern after reading your prior comment.

The way I see it is that the forum is like your central hub. News/blog posts lead here, email newsletters, you ask for feedback and testers here, notifications in app point here, people come for help/support and so on…

Then when you express that you’re on a shoestring budget and can’t manage with the rising numbers, yet management aren’t signing anything off - that was my concern. From experience when the higher ups don’t see a value in something they drag their feet or just don’t do it at all. It’s all about what they can see as a return :moneybag: which the forum obviously doesn’t do.

I’m glad to hear that the forum is here to stay, I quite like it here :smiley: and hopefully they get round to signing some stuff off soon :crossed_fingers: Let us know if you want to rally the troops :wink:


No fear :sunglasses:I can’t comment on everyone else but I’m just struggling to find the time :sweat_smile:

I don’t feel like we post any less teasers than normal :yum:I feel like there’s much more of an engineering presence (from the likes of @mycl & @Jami :tada:) - people who can share even more awesome technical details about credit card integrations & Pot hiding / sorting :muscle:

The awesome @simonb is always here and ready to post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He knew about Pixel 4’s biometric unlocking API before I did :eyes: (though, to be fair, I still have my Pixel 3XL so I wasn’t actively looking for it hehe :innocent:)

Nothing Monzo’s doing is stopping any of us from posting :relieved: I spent so much of my time in my old job with Monzo’s forum opened in another tab sharing sneak peaks from teardowns and helping people out with answers wherever I could :hot_coral_heart: now I’m an incredibly happy part of Monzo :heart_eyes: I get to spend all day helping people out in a far more direct way and get paid to do so :grin:

Teardowns were happily taken over by @mts :blush: and I’m still only a tag away :wink: it’s just nice for me to not spend all my downtime talking Monzo - as much as I truly love it :joy: I’ve gotta have a bit of separation :hot_coral_heart:


Always a major bonus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can you expand a little more on why some things don’t work any more at scale? And why you can’t keep things going while a new plan/route is decided upon?

I get the need to make the most of opportunities but surely continuing in the previous fashion is more opportunistic than putting things on hold?


I’d point to our events as the best analogy. Our office space can only hold so many people so you reach a natural ‘cap’ pretty quickly. But when that’s just a hundred or two folks, and you’ve got millions of customers, I think it’s correct to reconsider whether it’s the most impactful way to engage the community. As well as the fact that not everyone lives in London, etc.

There’s a cost involved with doing anything (typically, time!) and if the time vs. impact equation doesn’t work out, it’s right to look for new approaches. The roadmap is another example: is the time spent maintaining it worth the benefit to the small number of folks who engage with it, or could we be doing something else instead?

Those are the questions I’m thinking about. Hope it helps!


I’ve experienced the same in previous roles in companies that expanded.

Using the roadmap as one example, as teams grow and the product matures, the interactions needed to draw something together multiplies, and becomes an overhead that, to your point, just doesn’t deliver on the ROI.

Sure I want a roadmap, but of the 3.5 million Monzo customers, how many people will it benefit? 10? 50? 100? 1000?

Not an easy balance to get right, especially as resources get stretched, so thanks again to you and every other Monzo employee who takes time to communicate to us at all. It’s still a LOT better than … well every other bank I’ve ever been with!


I’d love a road map but agree I’m probably in the minority of 3.5 million. Although, at the very least it would be nice to have an overview of what’s currently being worked on - I’m on here most days and I struggle to get to grips with what’s happening.


As much as i’d love a roadmap or Trello reinstated. I’m happy for Monzo to just keep up with this:

But maybe update it a bit more regularly and be a bit less vague?

For example, we know there are features actively being worked on or talked about that are not on there such as pot reordering & Dark Mode etc

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Agree that - while a Trello roadmap would be amazing - just keeping the Making Monzo section up to date would be good. For example, what about adding all those features which were promised in the post-new look blogpost around budgeting, hiding pots, etc?

I do think Monzo need to take a careful look at community engagement though; obviously, there are some star members of the team who do comment fairly regularly on here which is great, but the engagement has dropped significantly from higher ups and product development teams. Monzo’s community is one of the reasons people respect Monzo, and being able to have a voice was a definite plus point in the past. Just because the user base is much bigger now, should not mean that those who want to play an active role in a community and push new ideas forward should be sidelined. It is, after all, up to the user as to whether they want to engage and help create the bank they use, or just use what is available.


Would it be too forward to just come out and say it?

We want @simonb as our leader!!

(obviously on the proviso that Simon would like to do it!)


:heart: Likes = Votes :+1:


Oh god, reminds me of those Facebook posts :grimacing:

I bet he won’t even get one share :broken_heart:


Please can you use more emojis next time


I’ll give it a go but no promises.



Sort of related:

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