Provisionally add "pending" payment amount

When topping up my car at the self service pump, it takes a quid off my balance and has “pending” (as it should)

however, i know the exact amount i put in my car, it would be great if i could go into monzo and add the value of what it should be so it can provisionally take it off my balance and then auto-update to the correct amount when its due to come off.

This way, i know exactly how much money i have left without the worry that I’ve spent too much!

Far from an ideal solution but you could transfer the correct amount to a pot (far from being the keyword)

this is currently what i do do (hehe dodo)

But, being able to tell monzo what the correct amount is (even if its wrong) so it provisionally takes it off my available balance (even if it does it just locally)

In the new rules it will update much quicker, so will be less if an issue.