Pay at Pump/Pre Auth QoL idea

As somebody who uses Pay@Pump quite a lot, I much prefer how Monzo handles these transactions more than any other bank I’ve used where you get a notification a payments been authorised, the feed shows it and says ‘Amount Pending’, then notifies me when the final amount is received.

An idea I had this morning is that what if I could click on the item in my feed when it’s awaiting payment and enter what I just spent for it to be subtracted from my balance immediately rather than wait a couple of days.

Obviously if you put the wrong amount in, when the actual amount comes in it would override it.

I think this is why this is not a good idea. People will put in the wrong amount. People will then presume they have X left when they only have Y, they will overspend… overdraft… charges… complaints.

The defence rests.

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It’s a good idea but theres about a million threads with this idea going back three years. :smile:

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Oh sorry, I didn’t see one with this idea, I’ve seen them with discussions about how pre-auth works but that’s different to an idea on how Monzo could improve their handling of it. If there is a thread with this idea, happy for it to be merged and vote for it.

Well a million might be exaggerating it but I’ve seen at least 20 or so. I’ll find a couple of recent.

:point_up: Ha, gets a bit meta here I’m pointing out another thread.

Here’s another one I can quickly see with a similar thing.

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Another one for your list :wink:

Still worthy of a mention by the OP though :slight_smile:

Even better option get ur fuel at Costco, it only allows you to take the amount of fuel you have in the account balance, so £20 is all you have that is the amount the Costco fuel pump will allow you to spend and it’s done instantly on Monzo too :wink:

But if I go near Costco my Monzo account will also show that I’ve spent £67.10 bulk buying chocolate muffins, loo roll, and 3 things I don’t actually need!


My mistake, thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s cool that it does that, but unfortunately the closest one to me is 24 miles away :frowning:

Flux works with Costco now does it :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t go there that after but same as you :joy:

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Sounds like Costco are the only ones actually doing it properly!

That’s literally their fault if they put the wrong number in, not anyone else’s problem.

You have to treat your users like users. Not like idiots.

It is their fault. Absolutely.

But if they don’t realise it, and work of the balance left (that is wrong), do you really think there wouldn’t be complaints when they started getting charges? "Well why can’t Monzo know the amount in the first place? Its in a system somewhere isn’t it’? And so on and so forth.

I’m not saying this is reasonable behaviour, just that it will need to be consider. And whilst I would never presume the user of any system is an idiot, personal experience suggests it is most definitely something to factor in…

Refuse to uphold the complaint - they’re the issue in this situation and it’s definitely not the banks fault a customer put a wrong number in!

Agreed. But Monzo still then have to deal with a complaint. Which costs money.

Ultimately, what’s the ROI of letting people put in a value, versus the current system (which now costs Monzo nothing as it’s been built). That’s all I’m really saying.

In theory I agree too, but if you’ve ever worked with the general public you’ll know it’s not as simple as that :see_no_evil:

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Wouldn’t they be complaining in any case though, thinking their petrol only cost them £1 as it stands?!

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The first time perhaps, after that probably not because it’s happened before.

Letting users enter their own numbers opens this up for every single Pay at Pump style transaction forever…

Just in-case you wanted to remove it, you can see whats behind the blacked out text…! (I have a rainy day pot too btw!).