Pay at pump, add value before to take off summary

I’ve just used my Monzo card to pay for fuel using the pay at pump option, it is currently showing as £1 until the full amount is shown (I will have to remember this in order to know how much I have left to spend) - it would be great if we could tell monzo what that amount is so that it can be taken off the balance straight away?

As I understand this if petrol stations processed these transactions as they should, then your balance would update instantly.

I filled up at Costco the other day and I got a notification telling me the final cost of the fuel before the receipt had finished printing.

I would like this feature, and would probably use it if it existed, but it comes at the bottom of a looong list of other features I would like first.

This feedback comes up every other week in similar ideas, so between the threads it’s probably got the most votes. Can you help make it happen @Dan5 :pray:

Here’s one from 13 days ago.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

Costco are the only one I know of that actually does it instantly and will also only allow you to take as much fuel as you can afford, as on the pump screen showed I had say £25.20 it only allowed me to take that much fuel and no more.

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I think the real solution here is for Pay at the Pump terminals to process the payments as they should. That’s a much cleaner solution, and much more transparent for everybody, Monzo customers or not!

This is 100% how it should be implemented.

This is a Visa explanation about the new industry guidelines, but the same applies for Mastercard.

This is definitely not my area of expertise, but if the rules were implemented as intended then a) people wouldn’t be able to go into an unarranged overdraft, because they would only be able to take fuel up to the balance of their account, b) it would reduce fraud losses for both banks and retailers, c) it would be much more transparent for customers because the amounts would update almost instantly and d) it would just be better experience.


That’s fine in a perfect world but these plans were in trial for the last decade, it was meant to happen back in 2018 but basically everyone gave up as they couldn’t make it happen. People were having multiple £99 kept in hold for days and causing no end of trouble as the fuel merchants couldn’t send the actual amount used instantly. The actual pump systems would need upgrading and they didn’t want to pay for that. It’s all gone cold now on making that happen.

Today we have less than 0.5% off all fuel stations setup to do what the spec says. Basically a few new Costco dotted around the UK.

It’ll be 2050 before they get this working at which point we’ll all be driving electric cars, as they will have fitted on the go electric terminals in forecourts. It’ll probably be a touch and go card with charging no more inserting of debit card.

Basically a solution is needed now to keep tabs on what was actually filled up for budgeting so we aren’t waiting two or three decades for the ICE age to thaw out.


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong here. But as far as I’m aware Asda did implement this correctly at one point, where it would try to authorise £99, if that declined it would authorise the balance you have available. Once the delivery of fuel was completed it would VOID the authorised amount and then authorise the correct amount for the fuel purchased.

The issue here was that most banks in the UK don’t support the request for the available balance to be shown on a decline and also they don’t listen to VOID messages, so if you didn’t have £99 available you couldn’t refuel and if you did have £99 available it couldn’t void the transaction thus leaving you with the charge until the payment completed several days later.

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ASDA did a trial back in 2018 on three stations but rolled it back after it failed.

And yeah it was also meant that in the checking stage the banks were meant to return a partial response if the person had less than £99 but of course that never happened. So it wouldn’t work for those living month to month on the edge.